5 Ways You Can Make Your Dream Home Office a Reality

With the ever-changing nature of the workforce and a growing interest in entrepreneurship, more and more people are choosing (or creating) flexible, nontraditional careers that allow them to work from home at least part of the time, which means it’s time to say goodbye to that drab spare room you call a workspace and hello to your dream home office. There are plenty of steps you can take to create a serene and stylish at-home workspace that encourages concentration, creativity and productivity. Below, we’ve compiled for you a list of the top five ways you can bring your dream home office to life.

According to research from Global Workplace Analytics, 50% of the workforce in the United States holds a job that allows at least partial telework (work at home), and approximately 20-25% of the workforce teleworks with some frequency. The Global Workplace Analytics research also shows that implementing nontraditional work environments where employees have at least partially flexible hours and can work from home two to three days per week “allows for a balance of concentrative work (at home) and collaborative work (at the office).”

Whether you primarily work from home, or often find yourself bringing your work home with you at the end of the day, having a comfortable and stylish workspace at home is key. “Everyone wants to put their desk in front of something that inspires them,” says Kari Whitman, interior designer and owner of Kari Whitman Interiors, who has created home offices for Jessica Alba, Michael Keaton, Antonia Banderas, and other A-list celebrities. “Make your space about who you are, what you want to be, and where you want to go. They say, ‘happy wife, happy life,’ but I believe, ‘happy work space, more production.’”

So, how do you create this dream office? Start with these five tips:

  • Designate a workspace. Some people prefer to work wherever creativity strikes, but having a designated workspace helps many work-at-homers get into work mode without unnecessary distractions.
  • Find the right chair. A proper desk chair is key to a productive work day, but it can be difficult to find a chair that is both chic and good for your posture. Try dressing up a vintage chair with a soft sheepskin blanket or throw for instant comfort and coziness.
  • Make it comfortable, but not too comfortable. You want to feel like you can spend the work day there without having to see a chiropractor, but you don’t want to be so comfortable you’re falling asleep at your desk. Try putting a sheepskin rug underfoot that you can curl your toes into for a little bit of luxury in your workspace.
  • Bring your workspace to life. Research from the International Journal of Workplace Health Management shows that the presence of a dog in the workplace reduces stress. If you’re not a pet person, liven up your workspace with some low-maintenance potted plants on the windowsill.
  • Control clutter creatively. Since you’re working at home and not at the office, you may be more prone to spreading your things out over your desk or the floor, which can create a cluttered, inefficient workspace. Try using pretty bowls, colorful catchalls or these handcrafted, free trade Ghana market baskets to control your clutter without sacrificing one bit of style.
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Gigi Hadid Keeping it Cool in a Cozy Sheepskin Coat

Gigi Hadid is one of the top names in fashion these days, and the 21-year-old Victoria’s Secret model proved that she’s mastered the effortlessly cool look while out and about in New York City this past weekend, rocking a pair of blue and white pinstriped pants, a plain white T-shirt, and a cozy sheepskin-lined denim jacket. Leave it to Gigi Hadid to prove that winter wear can be just as stylish as spring and summer fashions, no matter how cold it gets. After all, who needs a big puffy coat when you can stay just as warm, if not more so, in a custom shearling coat?

Gigi Hadid presumably has a pretty extensive wardrobe, and therefore has quite a few sheepskin jackets to her name, and the model has, on numerous occasions this winter, topped off an attractive, fashion-forward outfit with a cozy shearling coat. In addition to the sheepskin-lined denim coat she donned over the weekend, she has also stepped out recently in a long black shearling jacket, which she paired with black leather leggings, a black top and black pointed-toe boots, and a short black, bomber-style sheepskin coat, which she used to finish off another stylish all-black outfit.

Sheepskin has been around for what seems like forever, but the naturally warm and cozy material was made popular again this winter, thanks to top fashion houses like Burberry, Tory Burch and Altuzarra, all of which featured sheepskin garments on their Fall/Winter 2016-2017 runways. The absolute definition of boho-chic, sheepskin is the perfect addition to any outfit, whether you’re running errands all day, or out on the town at night. And while it’s proven to be a great option for winter, genuine sheepskin can be worn just as comfortably in the spring, summer and fall. It has hollow fibers that naturally wick away moisture from the body, which means it won’t make you sweat like synthetic sheepskin will.

In addition to Gigi Hadid, there are plenty of other fashion-forward celebrities, like Jennifer Lawrence, Kendall Jenner and Karlie Kloss, who have gotten onboard with sheepskin outerwear this season. If you’re looking to up your fashion game this winter, you can get your hands on a genuine shearling coat from The Sheepherder for a fraction of the price fashion houses like Burberry and Tory Burch charge. Check out our collection of fine sheepskin jackets and authentic shearling accessories now at CustomSheepskinJackets.com.


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Positive Reviews from Happy Sheepherder Customers

One of the cornerstones of The Sheepherder’s business concept is customer satisfaction, and the painstaking attention to detail owner Diane Blessing puts into each and every sheepskin product she creates by hand keeps customers coming back for more. The quality, price, and craftsmanship of Sheepherder products just can’t be beat, and it doesn’t hurt that when you call The Sheepherder, you’ll most likely be speaking to Diane herself, not a machine or answering service. As a result, Sheepherder customers have nothing but positive things to say about their custom shearling products, and past shoppers have called the Sheepherder shopping experience “wonderful,” and the fit and craftsmanship of their handmade Sheepherder garments “exceptional” and “a work of art in every way.” The following are some recent testimonials satisfied Sheepherder customers have been kind enough to write on our website:

Just received the diplomat hat and mittens. Very pleasantly satisfied with everything about them. The fit is perfect, and they look amazing. Looking forward to colder weather so I can use them, they are warm now, so keeping me warm this winter should be no problem. Thanks!!

  1. Crawford – December 2, 2016


I received my Colorado jacket as timely as Diane had indicated! I was immediately impressed by the fit, and finish. Custom made to the specifications ordered. Initially I was unsure if I could measure my dimensions accurately but if you follow the directions for measuring Diane will do the rest. Bottom line excellent quality and priced well below other coats in the same category. Flawless seams etc.. I plan on ordering a vest next. I highly recommend the product. On a side note if you call them Diane will answer the phone not an answering service or computer. What a nice surprise!

Thaddeus Mercer – November 24, 2016


This is absolutely one of the warmest and visually appealing quilts you could ever own. My wife and I just love it. Just looking at it gives you a very cuddly feeling! No one can see it and not touch it! The sheepherder let us order a custom size, kept us posted on the progress, and delivered the quilt earlier than promised. Excellent customer service and an exceptional product at a very fair price. A must have!!!

Glenn Warner – August 29, 2016

Order Your Own Genuine Sheepskin Garment Today

Unlike chains and big-box retailers, The Sheepherder is an actual person in a shop in downtown Alma, Colorado, making your custom sheepskin garments by hand, and any shearling item you order from The Sheepherder is made from 100% genuine sheepskin, not the imitation or synthetic sheepskin that other stores use. When you order a shearling coat from The Sheepherder, or another authentic sheepskin garment, owner Diane Blessing uses your specific measurements and preferences for cut, color and style to handcraft a one-of-a-kind garment that you’ll treasure for years to come. Visit the Sheepherder website at CustomSheepskinJackets.com now to order your own custom sheepskin jacket, slippers, boots or accessories today.

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Last-Minute Gift Ideas for Everyone on Your Shopping List

You’ve probably got the majority of your holiday shopping done by now, but if you need a last-minute idea for a great stocking stuffer or small gift, check out our selection of genuine sheepskin accessories, home goods, car supplies and other handcrafted shearling items from The Sheepherder. No matter who’s left on your shopping list, you’ll find plenty of great sheepskin gifts on our website that your friends and family members are sure to love. Search our website for unique Christmas gifts this holiday season, or place a custom order for a handcrafted sheepskin garment you’ll cherish for years to come. The following are our top picks for simple, last-minute holiday gifts for everyone on your shopping list:

Shearling iPhone/Eyeglass Case

You can’t go wrong with a luxurious, durable shearling smartphone case as a stocking stuffer, grab-bag gift, or last-minute add-on gift. The case is made from 100% genuine sheepskin that softly cradles any iPhone or smartphone, protecting it from scratches and other damage in a purse or bookbag. And the best part is, it plays double duty as an eyeglass or sunglass case!

Sheepskin Steering Wheel or Seat Belt Cover

Not only do steering wheels get freezing cold in the winter, but they also tend to be scorching hot in the summer. You can solve both problems with a sheepskin steering wheel cover, which will keep your hands warm and cozy, no matter what type of weather you’re driving in. Complete the set with a matching authentic shearling seat belt cover.

Soft and Cuddly Sheepskin Bunny

Little kids loved stuffed animals that they can snuggle up to at night, and our sheepskin bunnies are about as soft and loveable as you can get, stuffed with shearling shavings for an unmatched cuddle factor. If you have a little one left on your shopping list, order one of our adorable shearling bunnies, made by hand with child-safe materials and no plastic parts. Choose from a variety of colors for a truly one-of-a-kind shearling gift.


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Five Weeks ‘Till Christmas – Shop Sheepskin Now!

There are only five Fridays (five!) until Christmas, so if you haven’t started your holiday shopping yet, now is the time to start checking items off your gift list. With a wide variety of fine sheepskin apparel and accessories for men, women and children, plus unique shearling toys and cozy sheepskin home goods, we have something for everyone this holiday season, which is a good thing, considering many of you probably have *everyone* to shop for still. We know what it’s like to sit down with a long list of people to shop for and feel overwhelmed by a sudden lack of inspiration, so we’ve compiled for you a handy list of some of our favorite sheepskin Christmas gifts!

Sheepskin Christmas Gifts for Men

For that notoriously-hard-to-shop-for guy on your list, we have a variety of masculine sheepskin items to choose from, including rugged and durable men’s sheepskin jackets, handcrafted from genuine sheepskin and guaranteed to last years longer than his regular old winter coat. If a custom shearling jacket is over your budget, our men’s sheepskin slippers are just as cozy, and, even better, are extremely affordable. Still not satisfied? How about a beautiful, handmade sheepskin aviator hat or a pair of incredibly warm and sleek shearling gloves he can wear all winter long?

Ladies Shearling Gift Ideas

Where do we even begin? We have quite a few stylish sheepskin garments and accessories for women, including handcrafted shearling jackets, if you’re looking for something that will really impress her, or, if you had a smaller gift in mind, luxurious, genuine sheepskin slippers that she can slip her feet into morning after morning. We also have beautiful shearling vests for women, sheepskin earbands to keep her ears warm on those chilly winter days, and impossibly comfortable and cozy ladies sheepskin mittens.

Handmade Sheepskin Items for Children

Finding a unique Christmas gift for a child may seem like an impossible challenge these days, but toddler to teenager, we have some great garments and accessories that are sure to please this holiday season. Love dressing your little guy up just like his daddy? Check out our sheepskin aviator hats for kids, or our children’s sheepskin vests that he can get use out of all year long. Our shearling slippers are also a great gift idea for children, and young kids absolutely love our handmade sheepskin stuffed animals. If the child on your shopping list is older, why not surprise him with a sheepskin iPhone case for his new smartphone, or a shearling steering wheel cover for that new (used) car of his?

Get Your Sheepskin Shopping On!

The great thing about sheepskin is that it works for men, women and children of all ages, and there’s also something extra special about giving a gift that has been handcrafted by an actual person in an actual store, rather than standing in an ridiculously long line at the mall to preorder whatever hot new toy is all the rage this year. We’ve compiled a list for you here of some of our favorite sheepskin gift ideas for this Christmas season, but we have so much more to offer on our website. Head on over to CustomSheepskinJackets.com now, to check out our full selection of genuine shearling garments and accessories for the whole family!


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Get Your Own Sheepskin Aviator Hat Like Charles Lindbergh’s

On November 16, the sheepskin hat aviation pioneer Charles Lindbergh lost while flying loop-the-loops over Paris after becoming the first person to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean will be auctioned in the French capital, and the piece is expected to fetch upwards of 80,000 euros ($88,000). The cherished flying hat, a soft brown helmet-style piece with durable leather on the outside and warm sheepskin on the inside, was worn by Lindbergh during his record-setting New York to Paris flight in May 1927, which cemented the 25-year-old pilot’s status as “The Lone Eagle.”

According to reports, Charles Lindbergh lost his leather and sheepskin aviator hat twice in the span of just one week, the first time being when he was welcomed by a giant crowd at Paris-Le Bourget airport in 1927, after he completed the first solo non-stop transatlantic flight in his monoplane, the Spirit of St. Louis. A mechanic turned the hat over to the U.S. embassy that evening, but Lindbergh lost it again just seven days later, when he was given permission to perform aerobatic feats over Paris in a borrowed French fighter plane. The sheepskin aviator hat was found in a vegetable patch the following morning, and has remained in the possession of the same family ever since.

It wasn’t until 1969, just five years before his death in 1974, that the sheepskin and leather aviator hat reappeared and was identified as Charles Lindbergh’s, thanks to a famous French television show, and the hat will now be auctioned off at the Hotel Drouot auction house in Paris on November 16. Unless you have $80,000 or so burning a hole in your pocket, you probably won’t get your hands on Charles Lindbergh’s actual flying hat, but you can get your own genuine sheepskin aviator-style hat from The Sheepherder, a one-stop-shop for fine shearling garments in downtown Alma, Colorado.

Similar to the design of Lindbergh’s historic flying hat and the aviator hats made famous by pilots of long ago, our shearling bomber hat for men and women features a stylish suede on the outside that will protect you from the cold weather and wind, and authentic sheepskin on the inside, that will keep your ears warm no matter how chilly it gets. Our handcrafted aviator hat also includes a cozy sheepskin chin strap with Velcro, so you can fold the earflaps up or down, for a versatile winter-weather look. Find our genuine shearling aviator hats and other handmade sheepskin garments and accessories now at CustomSheepskinJackets.com.

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Get Your Holiday Shopping Started with Handmade Sheepskin Gifts
If you’re one of those people who likes to beat the Christmas crowds and get your holiday shopping started early, your first stop should be The Sheepherder, a one-stop-shop for custom sheepskin outerwear and accessories, all of which are made by hand in a little shop in downtown Alma, Colorado, not in a factory or big-box retail store. All of our handcrafted sheepskin garments at The Sheepherder are 100% made in the USA, using the skins of sheep raised domestically for their meat in the western United States, and are custom-tailored to your exact specifications for color, style and size, so you can guarantee a great fit with every purchase.
Whether you’re shopping for a parent, friend, coworker, child or sibling, The Sheepherder has just the unique holiday gifts you’re looking for, crafted by hand with impeccable quality and attention to detail. Our authentic sheepskin coats, for example, are a great choice for men who have an eye for fashion, and can be paired with dress or casual wear, for a night on the town or weekend work on the ranch. For that lucky lady on your list, check out our wide selection of shearling slippers and boots for women, from traditional slippers to cozy scuff slippers and Minnetonka-brand sheepskin boots. We also have plenty of custom shearling items for children, including adorable sheepskin vests, hats, gloves, slippers and shearling stuffed animals.
When it comes to checking all the items off your shopping list, the most difficult gifts are usually the ones you have to buy for a coworker, an acquaintance, or the teenage family member who already has it all. At The Sheepherder, we work hard to make unique shearling garments and accessories for the whole family, and whether you stop by our shop in Alma, Colorado, or click through our website, we think you’ll something for everyone on your list.
For the homebody who would rather curl up on the couch than head out on the town with friends, for example, our handcrafted sheepskin pillows are the best gift they could ask for, a one-of-a-kind accent for any room, made with luxurious sheepskin on one side, durable suede or leather on the other, and stuffed with soft wool batting. For the coworker whose smartphone always seems to be attached to her hand, the perfect gift could be as simple as a stylish sheepskin iPhone case, one she can throw in her purse and trust to protect her phone’s screen throughout the day. And for the teen driver whose most valuable possession is his new (to him) car, a durable sheepskin steering wheel cover will protect his hands from the heat of summer and the chill of winter.
Lucky for you, we have a wide range of fine shearling garments, footwear, home goods and accessories that make the perfect gift for even the hardest-to-shop-for people on your list. With a bit of free time, a well-organized shopping list and a little help from our design studio, you may just be able to get all your holiday shopping done in one place!

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100-Year-Old Portraits Show Sheepskin Was the Garment of Choice for Ellis Island Immigrants

In the early 1900s, at a time when millions of immigrants were passing through Ellis Island in hopes of finding a permanent home in the United States, amateur photographer Augustus Francis Sherman, who served as chief registry clerk for Ellis Island until 1917, was there to capture their photographs. According to the New York Public Library, which houses a collection of Sherman’s work, the subjects of his photographs had likely been detained at Ellis Island for one reason or another, and, clothed in their national dress or best holiday finery, were asked to pose for his camera while waiting for whatever they needed to leave the island. These stunning Ellis Island portraits, now more than 100 years old, were recently colorized, using historical research for accuracy, and the result is a collection of photographs of immigrants from all over the world, garbed in traditional dress, which, for many of them, included genuine sheepskin.

In one of the portraits, a woman from the kingdom of Rus, which spanned modern-day Slavic-speaking countries, wears a shirt and underskirt made from linen embroidered with traditional floral patterns, and a sleeveless jacket made from panels of sheepskin sewn together.




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How to Make Your Home Ultra Cozy for Fall
When we think of fall, we picture flannel shirts, cute boots and a cool-weather coziness at home that only a crackling fire, hot apple cider and a sheepskin throw can bring. Another thing that makes fall an ultra-cozy season is layering, both in the home and in your wardrobe, and texture, which can be achieved by incorporating a variety of materials into your home decor, such as a mix of polished or rough-hewn wood, woven surfaces and natural fabrics, like sheepskin.
Your wardrobe and home décor are essentially both extensions of your own personal style. And as New York City-based style expert Katrina Szish says, “Layering remains one of the hottest fashion trends, and it’s no different for your home.” You can give your favorite chair a chic, fall upgrade, for example, by tossing a sheepskin throw over it, or consider bringing some warmth and texture to your hardwood floors with a plush shearling rug positioned in front of the hearth, in the baby’s nursery, or at the foot of your bed.
At the Sheepherder, we have a selection of handmade sheepskin patchwork quilts and shearling pillows that will add warmth and texture to your home. Inspired by the early sheepherders in the Rocky Mountains, who relied on cozy shearling hides to keep them warm at night, our sheepskin patchwork quilts and other home goods are the perfect cool-weather accent to any room. And the best part is, sheepskin works with virtually any design scheme, whether your home’s style is industrial, bohemian, rustic or mid-century modern.
So where are the best places to incorporate sheepskin and other textures into your home? “If you have a headboard, hang a small blanket over it with a large, bright pattern and comfy texture,” recommends Upper West Side-based designer, Polina Gorokhovskaya. And don’t forget to wrap yourself in a warm and cozy blanket, too. “Investing in an oversized […] throw will be the best gift you can get yourself this fall season,” says Betsy Helmuth, an interior designer based in Westchester, New York.
Made from genuine sheepskin cut into varying sizes for an authentic patchwork look, and available in a variety of sizes, our versatile shearling blankets feature a durable, suede hide on one side and a beautiful, natural wool on the other. Whether you prefer to use it on the couch, as a throw to keep you warm on chilly evenings, or in the bedroom, as a luxurious quilt, you can’t go wrong with an authentic shearling blanket. Find more sheepskin home goods and fine shearling apparel for fall now at CustomSheepskinJackets.com!

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Otzi the Iceman Was Wearing Sheepskin When He Died 5,300 Years Ago

Since “Otzi the Iceman” was discovered by a pair of hikers in the Italian Alps in 1991, scientists have learned a great deal about Europe’s oldest known natural human mummy – that he most likely spent his life farming and herding, that he may have also hunted and trapped wild animals in his alpine environment, and that he was wearing sheepskin when he died 5,300 years ago. Sheepskin is a natural material known for its warmth, durability and comfort, and the fact that Otzi chose shearling as part of his alpine attire only further demonstrates the many benefits of genuine sheepskin.

When Otzi’s mummified remains were first discovered in a European glacier more than 20 years ago, he was accompanied by an assortment of clothing, including a hide coat, a fur hat, skin leggings and shoes stuffed with hay, but, because the leather and fur had decomposed over the thousands of years Otzi was in the ice, it was impossible for researchers at the time to determine what animals the clothing had come from. However, thanks to modern DNA testing, the results of which were published this month in the journal Scientific Reports, scientists from the Institute for Mummies and the Iceman at the European Research Academy in Bolzano, Italy, have been able to identify the various animals that made up Otzi the Iceman’s ensemble.

The scientists involved in the Otzi the Iceman study were able to capture ancient DNA markers in nine samples of fur and leather from different articles of the mummy’s clothing, and, according to their results, Otzi’s choice of dress was both selective and practical, given his environment and lifestyle. In addition to a coat and leggings made from goat hide, a fur hat made from a brown bear, a quiver made from deer leather, and shoelaces made from wild cows, Otzi the Iceman also wore a loincloth stitched together from sheepskin, a finding already reported in previous studies. However, the researchers in this latest study were able to determine that the loincloth was fashioned from the skins of a species of sheep that is more closely related to modern, domestic European sheep, rather than their wild cousins.

The Scientific Reports study also indicated that, while Otzi’s coat was primarily goatskin, the garment was actually stitched together with the hides of several other animals, a finding that suggested that the coat was likely repaired with any hides that were available at the time, and that led researchers to believe that the Iceman may have hunted and trapped wild animals in his alpine environment, in addition to farming and herding. So, what does all this mean for you? Well, if Otzi the Iceman felt that sheepskin offered him the highest level of comfort and warmth, and the best protection against the elements while he was living in the Italian Alps around 3,300 BCE, imagine what it can do for you!

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