Last-Minute Gift Ideas

Last-Minute Gift Ideas for Everyone on Your Shopping List

You’ve probably got the majority of your holiday shopping done by now, but if you need a last-minute idea for a great stocking stuffer or small gift, check out our selection of genuine sheepskin accessories, home goods, car supplies and other handcrafted shearling items from The Sheepherder. No matter who’s left on your shopping list, you’ll find plenty of great sheepskin gifts on our website that your friends and family members are sure to love. Search our website for unique Christmas gifts this holiday season, or place a custom order for a handcrafted sheepskin garment you’ll cherish for years to come. The following are our top picks for simple, last-minute holiday gifts for everyone on your shopping list:

Shearling iPhone/Eyeglass Case

You can’t go wrong with a luxurious, durable shearling smartphone case as a stocking stuffer, grab-bag gift, or last-minute add-on gift. The case is made from 100% genuine sheepskin that softly cradles any iPhone or smartphone, protecting it from scratches and other damage in a purse or bookbag. And the best part is, it plays double duty as an eyeglass or sunglass case!

Sheepskin Steering Wheel or Seat Belt Cover

Not only do steering wheels get freezing cold in the winter, but they also tend to be scorching hot in the summer. You can solve both problems with a sheepskin steering wheel cover, which will keep your hands warm and cozy, no matter what type of weather you’re driving in. Complete the set with a matching authentic shearling seat belt cover.

Soft and Cuddly Sheepskin Bunny

Little kids loved stuffed animals that they can snuggle up to at night, and our sheepskin bunnies are about as soft and loveable as you can get, stuffed with shearling shavings for an unmatched cuddle factor. If you have a little one left on your shopping list, order one of our adorable shearling bunnies, made by hand with child-safe materials and no plastic parts. Choose from a variety of colors for a truly one-of-a-kind shearling gift.