How to Make Your Home Cozy

How to Make Your Home Ultra Cozy for Fall
When we think of fall, we picture flannel shirts, cute boots and a cool-weather coziness at home that only a crackling fire, hot apple cider and a sheepskin throw can bring. Another thing that makes fall an ultra-cozy season is layering, both in the home and in your wardrobe, and texture, which can be achieved by incorporating a variety of materials into your home decor, such as a mix of polished or rough-hewn wood, woven surfaces and natural fabrics, like sheepskin.
Your wardrobe and home décor are essentially both extensions of your own personal style. And as New York City-based style expert Katrina Szish says, “Layering remains one of the hottest fashion trends, and it’s no different for your home.” You can give your favorite chair a chic, fall upgrade, for example, by tossing a sheepskin throw over it, or consider bringing some warmth and texture to your hardwood floors with a plush shearling rug positioned in front of the hearth, in the baby’s nursery, or at the foot of your bed.
At the Sheepherder, we have a selection of handmade sheepskin patchwork quilts and shearling pillows that will add warmth and texture to your home. Inspired by the early sheepherders in the Rocky Mountains, who relied on cozy shearling hides to keep them warm at night, our sheepskin patchwork quilts and other home goods are the perfect cool-weather accent to any room. And the best part is, sheepskin works with virtually any design scheme, whether your home’s style is industrial, bohemian, rustic or mid-century modern.
So where are the best places to incorporate sheepskin and other textures into your home? “If you have a headboard, hang a small blanket over it with a large, bright pattern and comfy texture,” recommends Upper West Side-based designer, Polina Gorokhovskaya. And don’t forget to wrap yourself in a warm and cozy blanket, too. “Investing in an oversized […] throw will be the best gift you can get yourself this fall season,” says Betsy Helmuth, an interior designer based in Westchester, New York.
Made from genuine sheepskin cut into varying sizes for an authentic patchwork look, and available in a variety of sizes, our versatile shearling blankets feature a durable, suede hide on one side and a beautiful, natural wool on the other. Whether you prefer to use it on the couch, as a throw to keep you warm on chilly evenings, or in the bedroom, as a luxurious quilt, you can’t go wrong with an authentic shearling blanket. Find more sheepskin home goods and fine shearling apparel for fall now at!