Buttons, Cuffs, Collars & Trim on your Shearling Garment

classic-long200Because each Sheepherder shearling garment is handmade, you are able to customize nearly any option on our jackets or vests. Choose your buttons, cuffs, collars and seam style to design a one-of-a-kind sheepskin creation that no one else has. Your sheepskin jacket or shearling vest will be truly unique. Wool out or finished seams, rolled or finished cuffs, antler or round buttons. All of the trimming details are yours to design as you wish.

Your fit will be tailored to your exact size and specifications, with more or less added just where you need it. Long or short arms or torsos are no problem. Petite or plus size can both be accommodated with the correct measurements.

Let Diane make a personal recommendation of all the trimmings that will make your Sheepherder garment stand out above the rest.