Keep Your Feet Warm in Authentic Sheepskin Slippers

Shearling Slippers Made in the USA

As winter temperatures dip below freezing, don’t sacrifice the warmth and comfort of your family’s feet this holiday season. Keep your toes toasty this winter with our custom sheepskin slippers, which are made of genuine shearling from the skins of domestic sheep raised right in the Rocky Mountain states. These shearling slippers happen to make perfect stocking stuffers for both adults and children, and are guaranteed to bring a smile to your child’s face. When you order from us, you know that you’re getting exactly what you pay for: quality, comfort and durability in a stylish, authentic sheepskin slipper. Place your order today and get Sheepherder shearling slippers for the whole family in time for Christmas.

Sheepskin Slippers for Everyone!

Sheepherder shearling slippers come in two styles: a traditional sheepskin slipper and a scuff, slip-on sheepskin slipper, both of which are available in men’s and women’s sizes. We also have a children’s traditional sheepskin slipper design, which comes in a variety of colors that are perfect for both boys and girls. Plus, our sheepskin slippers are custom-designed and hand-sewn to suit each individual wearer, based on individual size and color specifications, which means each and every product is unique and made especially for you. Our men’s and women’s sheepskin slippers are one of our best-selling items, so don’t wait to order yours!

Ugg-Style Sheepskin Slippers

One of our most popular types of winter wear is the Ugg-style sheepskin slipper, which is known for its unbeatable warmth and durability. Choose from our Minnetonka sheepskin boot in short or tall and keep your feet, ankles and legs warm even in freezing temperatures and the snow. Short or tall, all Sheepherder Ugg-style slippers have non-slip, hard rubber soles that provide a great grip even in winter weather. Sheepskin is the ultimate material for Ugg-style boots; there is nothing that matches the warmth and comfort provided by genuine shearling sheepskin. And shearling’s unique natural fibers wick away moisture, keeping your feet warm in the winter and even cool in the summer!

Shop The Sheepherder

Whether you’re shopping for family, friends, or even yourself, Sheepherder sheepskin slippers make the perfect holiday gift. These custom-made items wrap your feet in 100% shearling, providing unmatched comfort, durability and warmth during the coldest of days. Slip into authentic sheepskin slippers first thing in the morning, or relax in Ugg-style shearling slippers on crisp evenings; these unique slippers are perfect for any time of year. Let us help you give the gift of warmth and comfort this Christmas, with Sheepherder sheepskin slippers!