Warm and Cozy Shearling Home Goods

Sheepskin for the Home

The temperature outside is beginning to drop, but with our selection of cozy sheepskin quilts and pillows at The Sheepherder, there’s no reason why your home can’t be a place of ultimate warmth and comfort this fall and winter. Once this beautiful fall weather comes to an end and the temperature turns brisk, most of us will trade in our lightweight coats for something more substantial, like a luxurious sheepskin jacket. By incorporating just one shearling coat or a pair of sheepskin boots into your wardrobe, you can increase your warmth and comfort tenfold, so it makes sense to give your home the same wintertime treatment, right?

Warm and Cozy Shearling Home Goods

Besides adding an elegant but rustic element to your home décor, a sheepskin blanket, quilt or pillow can also provide some extra warmth, comfort, color and texture to any room. For living rooms with dark colors, hardwood floors and leather furniture, a thick sheepskin throw or set of shearling pillows incorporate a subtle softness to what may otherwise seem like a cold environment. All of our sheepskin home goods at The Sheepherder are handcrafted using authentic hides from domestic sheep raised commercially in the Rocky Mountain states. The wool skins are a valuable by-product, and are tanned and processed 100% in the United States.

Custom Sheepskin Accents for the Home

One of the great things about our shearling garments and home goods is that each product is one of a kind and can be custom-made based on your specifications. For example, take a look at our sheepskin pillows and you’ll see a variety of color options to choose from, allowing you to coordinate them with your home décor as accent pieces. Like all of the products we offer at The Sheepherder, our pillows are made from 100% sheepskin, inside and out. One side of the pillow features fleecy shearling in a unique color pattern, while the other side features leather or suede, and inside is soft wool batting, making these pillows a comfy place to rest your head after a long day.

Add Some Chic to Your Sanctuary

Sheepskin is a durable, natural material that is easy to care for and is minimalistic in design while also being extremely stylish and luxurious. In short, shearling is really on-trend right now, so incorporating a few subtle elements of sheepskin to your home is a great way to instantly update certain aspects of your décor without transforming the overall feel of your space. Other options for a touch of warmth in the home include sheepskin rugs, throws and cushions. And for the kids’ bedrooms, check out our adorable sheepskin bunnies and teddy bears, as always, made from authentic shearling.