Ward Off Arctic Freeze With Sheepskin Hats and Mittens

With a record-breaking Arctic chill blanketing much of the United States in snow and freezing temperatures this week, now is as good a time as any to invest in a warm, durable sheepskin hat and pair of mittens to keep you warm in the midst of what has been dubbed a “polar vortex.” The snow and sub-zero temps have not only broken wintertime records, grounded thousands of flights and forced school closures nationwide; the freeze has also resulted in harsh and even dangerous conditions for residents throughout the country. Fortunately, with its naturally warm and durable properties, the authentic sheepskin used in our handcrafted mittens and hats can help protect you from the worst of the Arctic freeze, and keep you and your family comfortable and toasty for the rest of the winter.

The Midwest may finally be emerging from the arctic freeze that saw wind chills reach 50 degrees below zero, but temperatures across the South and East Coast continue to drop dramatically, with the temperature in New York City plummeting 50 degrees overnight. As the frigid air pushes across the United States, highs in parts of Georgia, Alabama and northern Florida are expected to be in the single-digits, and officials are encouraging everyone to stay inside whenever possible, or to bundle up in warm layers when heading outdoors. With the wind chill plummeting to 45 to 55 degrees below zero, Todd Heitkamp, a warning coordination meteorologist for the National Weather Service in South Dakota, warns that “exposed flesh can freeze in five minutes…if a person isn’t dressed properly.”

Nothing keeps your hands warmer in frigid weather than a pair of custom-made Sheepherder sheepskin mittens, constructed from the authentic hide of domestic sheep raised in the Rocky Mountain states. The sheep are raised commercially for their meat, and the skins are a valuable by-product tanned and processed right here in the United States. Our shearling mittens feature cozy sheepskin wool on the inside that uses your own body heat to keep your hands toasty warm, and durable suede on the outside that protects your hands from any chilling winds or snow. Pair your shearling mittens with a warm sheepskin hat or earband and you’ll be all set to brave the Arctic freeze that has half the country hiding out indoors. Check out our shearling garments and accessories for men, women, children and babies at The Sheepherder, and you can keep the whole family warm in sheepskin this winter!