Want Simple, Chic Style this Summer? Put a Sheepskin on It

The spring and early summer seasons always have people looking for ways to revamp their décor and bring a bit of light, comfort and luxury into their homes after a long, dark winter. Sheepskins are one simple way to enhance your home’s summertime décor and immediately achieve a textured, high-end look that won’t break the bank. Once a cozy statement piece relegated to the floor, sheepskins are making their way off the floor these days, and into the rest of the house and beyond. If you’re searching for ways to achieve a clean, effortless and cozy look inside the house and out this season, the best way to go about it is to add a few elements of natural shearling to the mix. The following are five easy ways you can add a bit of sheepskin chic to your décor this summer.

Get yourself a shearling seatbelt and steering wheel cover. It’s never fun getting into your car in the middle of winter and grabbing onto a freezing cold steering wheel, and the same goes for getting into a boiling hot car in the summer. Treat your poor hands to a little bit of luxury this summer with a handmade shearling steering wheel cover, and while your add it, get yourself a matching sheepskin seatbelt cover to match!

Decorate with sheepskin throws in the nursery. Adding sheepskin touches to nursery décor has become a popular trend recently, especially since a recent study found that babies who sleep on sheepskin are less likely to suffer from asthma and allergies. Whether you opt for a handmade sheepskin throw in your baby’s crib, or a plush shearling rug to offer protection from hardwood flooring, the soft, luxurious material adds a cozy element to any nursery that your baby will love.

Curl up to shearling pillows on the living room couch. In our opinion, you can never have too many pillows on the living room couch, because that’s typically where everyone gathers in the evenings to chat, watch TV or enjoy a family game night. Add a couple of beautiful custom shearling accent pillows to your couch, and you have an instant conversation-starter and comfortable place to curl up with the family in the evenings.

Add a sheepskin accent throw to your bed. We usually strip down our beds in the summertime so we can sleep comfortably in the hot weather, but what about those chilly evenings that have you getting up on the middle of the night in search of warmer clothes? Consider draping a sheepskin patchwork quilt over the bottom part of your bed to add a little flair to your décor, and so that you don’t have to go far to find warmth on those brisk evenings.

Treat the little ones to a sheepskin in their “gaming” room. This may be a new thing happening, but some people are buying shearling bean bag chairs or putting sheepskin rugs or throws down on the floor in rooms where their children typically gather to play video games. It’s true though, die-hard gamers will love cozying up to comfortable sheepskin, especially those who prefer to play Mario Kart while lying on the floor, rather than sitting in a chair like the rest of us!