Tom Brady Stays Warm with Sheepskin

Brave the Freezing Temps During NFL Playoffs with Custom Sheepskin Gear!

Tom Brady covered the December 2015 issue of GQ magazine, and the football icon was dashing as ever in his luxurious sheepskin jacket, complete with a huge shawl collar and oversized pockets – perfect for those mammoth football hands of his. GQ’s Tom Brady issue was published just before the first round of the NFL playoffs, which started on January 9, and will lead up to Superbowl 50, airing on February 7, and GQ probably didn’t realize at the time how fitting it was to outfit Tom Brady in sheepskin for the cover shoot. Let’s just say the Seahawks and Vikings players probably would have killed for a sheepskin jacket during their playoff game on January 10, which set records for the below-zero temperatures players and fans were forced to endure.

According to reports, the Seahawks-Vikings playoff game in Minneapolis on January 10, was the coldest game in Vikings history, and the third-coldest game in the entire history of the NFL, with temperatures dropping to -6 degrees at the stadium, and a -25-degree wind chill making matters much, much worse. It was so cold, in fact, that beer was freezing in mid-air and photographers were using sideline heaters to warm up their camera batteries. SO cold, that the Vikings’ famous gjallahorn, which the team uses before each game to announce the players’ arrival on the field, actually shattered. In an effort to combat the freezing temperatures, the Seahawks and Vikings players were outfitted with cold-weather gear specifically designed for athletes performing in frigid conditions, but the fans weren’t so lucky.

The next round of playoffs on January 16 and 17 will see battles between the Chiefs and the Patriots in Boston, the Packers and the Cardinals in Phoenix, the Seahawks and the Panthers in Charlotte, and the Steelers and the Broncos in Denver. Not all of the NFL playoff games will be as bone-chillingly cold as the Seahawks-Vikings game of course, but those played in colder locales are sure to be chilly, and most fans don’t have access to that special cold-weather gear the athletes get. That’s where sheepskin comes in! Designed with a durable suede exterior that blocks those bitter winds, and a natural wool interior that retains your body heat and keeps you warm even in the coldest temperatures, our sheepskin coats and gloves are the perfect complement to your game-day gear.

Known by many as the greatest quarterback of all time, Tom Brady has also earned a reputation as a fashion icon, and the fact that he covered GQ in such a beautiful sheepskin coat will likely have fans (male and female alike) running to their computers to order their own, whether they plan to attend an NFL playoff game or not. The Sheepherder has wide selection of fine sheepskin apparel for sale, including handmade shearling gloves, cozy sheepskin slippers, genuine sheepskin jackets for men, women and children, and more. Get your own pair of custom shearling gloves or a handcrafted sheepskin coat today, and you’ll be warm as ever during the NFL playoff games!