The Perfect Fit

How to Fit a Custom Sheepskin Coat or Vest

The main quality that sets Sheepherder shearling jackets and vests apart from other sheepskin garments is that all of our items are custom-made to order, created by hand in our Colorado shop to match your specific requests for fit, style and color. The result is a beautiful, stylish sheepskin coat or vest handcrafted to your individual specifications, and guaranteed to look and fit great. In order to achieve this sleek, tailored look though, it’s important that your sheepskin garment is properly sized, which is why we ask that all of our customers submit a fitting sheet along with their order for a custom shearling jacket or vest. Our Sheepherder sheepskin products are made with careful attention to quality and detail, and the result is a comfortable and durable genuine sheepskin coat or vest.

Taking Accurate Measurements for Shearling Outerwear

In order to guarantee the best fit for your shearling vest or jacket, it is important to obtain an accurate measurement of several different parts of your body. The following are the different measurements we need to create a comfortably-fitting and properly-sized custom sheepskin coat or vest:

  • For sheepskin outerwear, height, weight and suit or dress size are three critical measurements, helping us to create a custom item that isn’t too tight, too loose, too long or too short.
  • Another number we need is the width of your shoulders, taken by measuring around your entire body – front and back – at the fullest part of the shoulders, with your arms relaxed at your sides.
  • Next is the chest or bust, which can be calculated by measuring around your chest with the tape measure under the armpits and over the shoulder blades.
  • To accurately calculate the waist, measure around your stomach at your natural waistline, or around the fullest part of your belly, allowing for some movement and breathing room.
  • For the hips, take a measurement around your entire body at the fullest part of the butt while standing comfortably with your feet slightly apart.
  • Finally, to calculate the proper length of your sleeves (for a coat only), measure from the tip of your shoulder to the crease of the thumb and forefinger, with your arm hanging at your side.

One of the most important things to remember when taking measurements for sheepskin outerwear is to remain relaxed, breathe normally and don’t suck in!

Quality Shearling Garments from Authentic Hides

Here at The Sheepherder, we pride ourselves on working with only the highest quality sheepskin materials, using authentic hides that are a valuable by-product of sheep commercially raised in the Rocky Mountain states. Because sheepskin is a natural hide, your shearling jacket or vest will mold to your body over time, but it will not stretch or shrink like other fabrics or imitation sheepskin garments may. Sheepskin products may feel stiff the first time you put them on, which is normal, but after a few wears your shearling vest or coat will become noticeably softer and more supple. Sheepskin vests and jackets are comfortable and stylish, and are sure to last for years to come. For more information about how to fit a custom shearling garment, visit our fitting room and let us get started on your custom sheepskin coat or vest today!