Sheepskin Vests and Boots

Transition Your Sheepskin Vests and Boots from Winter to Spring

The official first day of spring was March 20, and while some parts of the East Coast actually saw snow that day, the weather has been getting progressively warmer as we get ready to head into April. And with this promising glimpse of a mild spring, there’s no doubt some of you have already begun switching out your closets, trading your winter coats and boots for floral blouses, jean shorts and summery espadrilles. One garment you don’t have to pack away for the season though is your sheepskin, which can play double duty in your wardrobe and easily transition from winter to spring.

When you purchase a genuine sheepskin garment – as opposed to faux or imitation sheepskin – you’re getting an item that’s made from the natural hide of a sheep, which has a silky wool on one side and durable suede on the other. Unlike synthetic shearling, authentic sheepskin features hollow fibers that, when processed correctly, allow your skin to breathe and naturally wick away moisture from the body, keeping you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. That means you can wear your favorite sheepskin vest all year round, whether the temperatures are in the 30s or the 60s.

One of our most popular sheepskin garments for spring is our Ladies Wrangler Sheepskin Vest – the perfect addition to any casual outfit, and paired best with your favorite jeans and comfy flannel shirt or lightweight sweater. Our shearling vests for women are attractive and form-fitting, and feature toggle buttons made from genuine antlers shed annually by deer and elk. As you’re organizing your closet this spring and deciding what to pack away until next season, you’ll definitely want to hang on to your stylish shearling vest for some of those cooler spring nights.

Another sheepskin staple that transitions seamlessly from winter to spring is your favorite pair of shearling boots – yes, the ones that have kept your feet nice and toasty warm all winter long. It’s true that nothing beats authentic sheepskin when it comes to staying warm and protected from the elements, but your shearling boots can just as easily keep your feet nice and cool this spring and summer, not to mention comfortable. The Sheepherder is an official retailer of Minnetonka-brand products, and we have several different types of shearling boots for sale in our shop, including traditional pug-style sheepskin boots and fashionable fringe boots as well.

We’ve clocked in a few chilly days the past couple of weeks, but there’s no doubt that an early spring is in the cards for us, and no matter what April turns out like in terms of weather, you won’t regret having that sheepskin around. So be sure to check out our wide selection of sheepskin jackets, slippers, vests and boots at The Sheepherder shop or on our website, and get a jump on your spring wardrobe today!