Sheepskin Stocking Stuffers for Christmas

Top 5 Best Sheepskin Stocking Stuffers for Christmas

It’s hard enough finding the perfect Christmas gift for friends and family members, and it can be even harder to find a small, inexpensive gift to wrap as a stocking stuffer for the husband, wife or kids. Lucky for you, we have quite a few affordable shearling accessories made from authentic sheepskin that will make great stocking stuffers this Christmas. Order your sheepskin stocking stuffers today to ensure delivery in time for the holidays!

Shearling iPhone/Eyeglass Case

A sheepskin iPhone case is the perfect stocking stuffer for a teen who can’t take her eyes off her smartphone, and with a soft shearling inside, you can rest assured that the expensive device will be protected from damage. The outside of our handmade shearling iPhone cases is a durable suede that will last for years and makes it easier than ever to find in her purse or car. Plus, in a pinch, the iPhone case can pull double duty as a sheepskin eyeglass case!

Sheepskin Steering Wheel Cover

There’s nothing worse than getting into a freezing car in the winter and having to grab onto an ice-cold steering wheel. That’s where our handmade sheepskin steering wheel covers come in. Made from 100% shearling, our steering wheel covers are attractive, comfortable and luxuriously warm, and they make the perfect stocking stuffer for anyone in the family.

Sheepskin Seat Belt Cover

Have two family members who share a car? Gift one a sheepskin steering wheel cover and the other an authentic shearling seat belt cover, so they can both ride in style. Our custom seat belt covers are made using the same luxurious material as sheepskin car seat covers, and measure 8” to 10” long, for comfortable protection across your neck and chest. They also feature a convenient Velcro closure for easy on and off.

Kids Shearling Mittens

Score some brownie points this Christmas when you stuff your child’s stocking with a pair of genuine sheepskin mittens, made in a variety of colors, including pink, grey, black and tan, to match his or her personal style. Our handcrafted shearling mittens are made using authentic sheepskin, with a durable suede outside and warm wool inside, and feature a D-ring clip to easily attach the mittens to your child’s winter coat.

Ladies Sheepskin Earband

Not everyone likes to wear hats in the winter, and our handmade sheepskin earband for women is a warm and stylish accessory that will go great with any outfit, while keeping her exceptionally warm, even in the coldest weather. The genuine shearling earband is warm and comfortable, featuring a soft elastic back for a perfect fit, and its affordable price makes it the perfect stocking stuffer for the lady in your life!