Sheepskin Slippers & Boots-Care

Sheepskin Boots and Other Items You Should Never Throw in the Dryer

With the convenience of clothing that is dry within minutes, it may be tempting to throw anything that’s wet in the dryer, either after a wash cycle or on a particularly rainy day, so you don’t have to wait for the items to air dry. However, there are certain clothing and household items that you should never tumble dry, including swimsuits, bras, bath mats, tights and other delicate garments, and among the items on this list are your favorite sheepskin boots and slippers. As much as it seems like a time-saver to throw wet boots in the dryer, so you can wear them that same day, it’s one of the absolute worst things you can do for a natural material like shearling.

Making Your Sheepskin Boots Last

If you’re like us, and sheepskin is your footwear of choice during the winter and spring, when snow and rain are sometimes more prevalent than sun, it’s important to know how to properly care for your sheepskin boots and slippers, so you can ensure that they remain in great shape, no matter how often you wear them. Authentic sheepskin is a durable, natural material that can withstand the elements, which is why shearling boots and slippers are such popular footwear options for winter. However, without proper care and cleaning, natural sheepskin can become overly soiled and may even shrink or become dry and damaged.

How to Properly Care for Your Shearling Boots

In order to prevent your sheepskin slippers and boots from becoming heavily soiled, it’s a good idea to, as soon as you get them, spray them with a non-silicone water repellant specially formulated for suede or sheepskin. This will protect the shearling against water spotting, and will prevent soiling. If your shearling footwear becomes soiled, you should try to clean the spot or stain right away, using a mild detergent like everyday hair shampoo. Hand-blot the spot with a rag and cool water without soaking through the material, and gently remove excess moisture with a towel.

Once clean, let the shearling air dry in a warm spot, out of direct sunlight, and away from the intense heat of a fireplace or heat register. The same goes for sheepskin that gets significantly wet, such as in a rainstorm. You should always let sheepskin dry slowly, without placing it in direct heat, and you should never put your sheepskin boots in the dryer, as this may cause the shearling to shrink or the natural oils from the leather to evaporate, resulting in dry, damaged leather. Once your sheepskin boots are nearly dry, simply brush the wool to fluff it back up, good as new.

Getting Your Sheepskin Dry-Cleaned

If your shearling slippers, boots, or any other genuine sheepskin garments become heavily soiled, your best bet is to have them professionally dry-cleaned by someone who specializes in cleaning leather, suede and/or furs. With the proper care and cleaning, you can ensure that your sheepskin garment stays looking beautiful for years to come. Check out our selection of shearling boots and other garments today at