Sheepskin Products for Summer

Quality Sheepskin Products for Summer Wear

Spring is just around the corner, and although sheepskin slippers and jackets are typically favored as cold weather accessories, authentic shearling products like those we create at The Sheepherder are actually designed to be worn comfortably year-round. As opposed to other traditional winter garments that are typically packed away once the weather starts its upward climb, our sheepskin outerwear is designed in such a way that it keeps you warm and cozy in cold weather, while allowing your skin to breathe and stay cool during the summer. Start the summer off right this year with our shearling slippers, vests and accessories here at The Sheepherder.

Shearling Garments Can Keep You Cool

All of the sheepskin garments hand-crafted at The Sheepherder are made using genuine sheepskin hides, which have silky wool on one side and smooth suede on the other. Our garments are made using the skins of domestic sheep raised commercially for their meat in the Rocky Mountain states, and the hides are a valuable by-product that are tanned and processed in the United States. When processed correctly, using an intricate 21-day system, the result is a sheepskin product that naturally wicks away moisture from the body. This means that our sheepskin slippers, vest and jackets at The Sheepherder will keep you cool even in warm weather, and won’t make you sweat like most synthetic materials do.

We Use Authentic Sheepskin Hides

Unlike lower quality, imitation sheepskin, the shearling we use to create our garments is one piece of continuous natural hide. This means that the wool you see in your sheepskin jacket or slippers is not a separate lining glued or sewn to the suede. Our dedication to comfort, style and quality puts our shearling garments a step above most of the sheepskin products you find at a typical retail chain or big box factory. Here at The Sheepherder, we also offer deerskin vests for men and women, and elkskin booties for children, which are also made from authentic hides and are great for the transition from spring to summer and fall.

Custom Order Your Sheepskin Garment Today

All of our sheepskin products are handmade by Diane Blessing at The Sheepherder shop in Alma, Colorado, where Diane has been hand-crafting custom shearling slippers, jackets and other high-quality products for more than 30 years. In fact, all of our sheepskin garments are made to order and can be tailored to fit your specific preferences for color, fit and style. If you love sheepskin for its comfort and elegance, don’t go an entire summer without stepping into cozy shearling slippers or accessorizing with a classic shearling vest. Check out the variety of sheepskin garments we offer at The Sheepherder, and stay cool and stylish all summer long!