Sheepskin Products for Camping

Best Sheepskin Products for Camping

One of the best family activities to take part in during the summer months is camping, and whether you prefer to camp riverside, in the mountains or on the beach, there are plenty of great sheepskin garments out there to keep you warm or cool, depending on the weather. The thing about genuine sheepskin that makes the material so valuable is that it naturally wicks away moisture from the body, keeping you toasty warm in cold weather and cool in hotter temperatures. For this reason and more, our sheepskin jackets and vests are the perfect garments to bring along on any camping trip – spring, summer, winter or fall.

When it comes to camping in cold weather, there is no material better suited to keep you warm and comfortable than genuine sheepskin, which is used in the creation of all of our products here at The Sheepherder. Two of our best-selling sheepskin jackets for men are the Cattleman and Colorado shearling coats, which feature two very different designs but are perfect equals when it comes to their durability and quality of construction. For women, two great garments for cold-weather camping are the Aspen and Rancher sheepskin jackets, which pair a classic style with a sophisticated but feminine touch.

For camping in warmer weather, the men’s Gambler sheepskin vest is a clear favorite. With its classic style, tailored lines and handmade antler buttons, the shearling vest stands out as a perfect addition to any camping attire. Another great option for camping outwear is the men’s Mountaineer sheepskin vest, which features a no-sleeve design to allow for easy maneuvering at the campsite, and wool-out seams and side-entry pockets to keep you warm during those cool evenings. For women, some great warm-weather shearling garments for camping are the Wrangler and Silverheels sheepskin vests, which pair a versatile, form-fitting design with an elegant, feminine style.

The masculine design of our men’s garments is complemented by the coziness of genuine sheepskin, making the shearling jackets perfect for virtually any outdoor excursion, whether you’re camping out, hitting the trail on horseback, or going out on the town. On the flip side, our women’s outerwear is equally as warm and comfortable, but the garments have a unique style that makes them more feminine and elegant. Overall, we take special care when creating our custom sheepskin jackets to ensure that each garment is made with the highest-quality materials, and all of our products are custom-made to order, which means you can count on a perfect fit every time!