Sheepskin Outerwear for Fall and winter

Top Five Sheepskin Jackets for Fall and Winter

The chilly weather we have had so far this month signals an end to summer and hints at a cold winter ahead. There’s no better time than now to add a genuine sheepskin jacket to your wardrobe, and here at The Sheepherder, we have a wide selection of shearling coats to suit any style. All of our shearling products are made from genuine sheepskin and are handmade to order, which means you receive a beautiful garment tailored to your specific size and color specifications. To better prepare you for the brisk weather that is just around the corner, we have compiled a list of our top five picks for shearling coats during fall and winter:

Cattleman Sheepskin Coat for Men and Women

Our Men’s Cattleman shearling jacket is a handsome coat custom-tailored for a masculine look and all-over protection from the winter chill. Our ladies’ version is a beautiful and versatile coat, appropriate for a day on the ranch or about town, keeping you toasty warm in fall or winter weather alike. The shawl collar and 3” roll cuffs on both sheepskin jackets work double duty – stylish accents that keep you warm all day and night.

Men’s and Ladies’ Classic Shearling Coat

The more traditional Classic sheepskin jacket is designed to be worn for either dressy or casual occasions, with oversized pockets and a leather-trimmed collar on the men’s version, and a shawl collar and 3” roll cuffs for the ladies. Our ladies’ Classic sheepskin coat is slightly longer than our other designs, which makes it a good choice for taller women. The jackets are finished off with genuine deer antler buttons that give them a natural and stylish appearance.

Rancher Sheepskin Jacket for Men and Women

Attractive wool-out seams make our Rancher shearling coat a popular jacket for both men and women, and western accents in the front and back yokes complete the rugged outdoorsy look. The Rancher sheepskin jacket features patch pockets, a notched collar and 3” roll cuffs on both versions, which will keep you cozy and provide some serious protection from the fall and winter weather.

Men’s Colorado Shearling Jacket

One of our favorite sheepskin jackets is the Colorado shearling coat for men, which features three panels on the front with wool-trimmed seams and genuine deer antler buttons for an attractive, natural look. Patch pockets, 3” roll cuffs and a shawl collar will keep you warm day and night, and, with a custom, hand-crafted design and a variety of color choices, the Colorado sheepskin jacket will be a perfect fit!

Columbine Sheepskin Coat for Women

Our Columbine shearling jacket for women boasts a feminine, waist-hugging design that makes the coat an elegant addition to any outfit. The sheepskin jacket features wool trim down the front and around the bottom, real deer antler buttons, and princess seams on the front and back, all of which add to the coat’s style and authenticity. A notched collar and 3” roll cuffs complete the look and ensure that you will stay comfortable and warm throughout the fall and winter.