Sheepskin Isn’t Just for Winter Wear

Now that we’ve survived the polar vortex, the arctic freeze and everything else this past winter had to throw at us, many people are looking forward to storing away their winter gear until next season, but don’t box up your sheepskin slippers or vest just yet! All of our shearling boots and outerwear at The Sheepherder are handcrafted using genuine sheepskin, which features hollow fibers that help the material naturally wick away moisture from the body, keeping you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Unlike all the synthetic sheepskin garments out there, our shearling slippers, coats and boots at The Sheepherder won’t make you sweat in warmer weather, which means you can enjoy the comfort and style of sheepskin outerwear all year long, not just during winter.
Great Sheepskin Products for Summer
While some of our sheepskin jackets and accessories are more appropriate for winter weather, there are plenty of shearling garments to choose from that you can wear during summer too. The authentic Minnetonka sheepskin boots for sale on our website, for example, can be worn all year long, and so can the Minnetonka sheepskin slippers and moccasins we offer for both men and women. There’s nothing better than stepping into a soft, cozy pair of shearling slippers first thing in the morning, even in the warm summer months, and with their easy slip-on, slip-off wear, our Minnetonka ankle-high shearling boots are perfect for running errands or enjoying a lunch out with friends, regardless of the weather. If sporting a full-on sheepskin coat during the summer seems like a little much, check out our beautiful custom-made sheepskin vests for men and women, which offer the utmost in year-round comfort and durability.
Caring for Your Shearling Garments
If you do decide to wear your sheepskin boots or jacket during the spring or summer, when things tend to get a little rainy and muddy, it’s important that you use the right products to properly care for your garments. First, the outer suede portion of your sheepskin item should be sprayed with a rain and stain shield made specifically for suede or leather, which will help prevent soiling and protect the garment against water spotting. If you find yourself needing to touch up the wool portion of your shearling coat or boots, you can use a solution of Woolite and cold water, but be sure to avoid soaking through to the suede. Once the wool is nearly dry, you can brush it to fluff it back to its normal appearance. If your sheepskin garment becomes soiled enough to require the help of a professional, be sure to ask ahead of time if the dry cleaner is experienced with sheepskin and/or leather and suede products.