Sheepskin Garments for Fall Temperatures

Leather Biker Vests From the Sheepherder

Summer is the best time of year for hopping on the back of a motorcycle and hitting the open road, but with September already in full swing, cool fall temperatures may convince many otherwise adventurous people to enjoy the warmth of their homes instead. Fortunately, here at The Sheepherder, we offer a wide selection of attractive leather biker vests and other cozy skeepskin products that will keep you warm, comfortable and stylish, whether you actually own a motorcycle or just want to look like you do!

Custom-Made Sheepskin Garments

Genuine sheepskin is naturally a warm and luxurious material, and we dedicate as much time and energy necessary to preserve these qualities in all of our handmade shearling products at The Sheepherder. Each sheepskin jacket, vest and pair of slippers is custom-made to order using the highest-quality sheepskin, which features silky wool on one side and smooth suede or leather on the other side. As opposed to imitation shearling garments, the shearling we use at The Sheepherder naturally wicks away moisture from the body, keeping you cool in hot temperatures and warm in cold weather. As a result, our custom shearling jackets can be worn year-round, and our leather and sheepskin vests are popular choices for everyone from ranchers to motorcycle riders.

Genuine Elkskin Vests for Men

Take our men’s Rocky Mountain elkskin vest for example; its beautiful leather construction catches the eye, and its cotton fabric lining and attractive elk antler toggles with loop closures help keep the chill out, even on the back of a motorcycle in September. Pair this leather biker vest with your favorite jeans and a long-sleeve shirt and you’re ready to ride off into the sunset. For a more classic garment, check out our men’s Gambler leather vest with a sheepskin collar that adds plenty of extra warmth and a little pop of style as well. This sheepskin vest for men also features attractive antler buttons, and the small pockets sewn into the side seams are perfect for carrying a small wallet or set of keys when you’ve got your hands full.

Give the Gift of Sheepskin!

When it comes to warmth, style and durability, it’s hard to beat a genuine elkskin or sheepskin vest handcrafted to fit your individual specifications for fit and color. Check out our collection of genuine shearling garments for the whole family, and don’t forget, December is just a few months away, and our men’s sheepskins jackets and vests make great Christmas gifts for that lucky man in your life!