Sheepskin Boots Forever

Sheepskin Boots: From Fashion Fad to Forever

Considering their name comes from an abbreviation for “ugly,” it’s pretty remarkable that Ugg-style sheepskin boots have been around for so long, evolving from their humble beginnings as the crude shearling boots Australian surfers wore to keep warm, to global fame as the preferred fashion footwear for everyone from Rihanna and Kendall Jenner to Tom Brady and Ben Affleck. Whether you, personally, are a fan of the sheepskin boot or not, there’s no denying that the cozy footwear has staying power and will likely remain a fashion favorite for years to come.

Sheepskin Boots Go with Any Outfit

For supermodel and Ugg’s first “global women’s ambassador,” Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, who has owned a pair of the sheepskin boots since she was 16, Ugg boots are all about personal style and ease of wear. “There are no rules really. I mean, I feel that you can wear the same outfit that you would wear with a different pair of shoes but with Uggs. I think it works really well. So I’ll be wearing mine with my skinny jeans and T-shirts, and a blazer or a cool bomber jacket.”

Huntington-Whiteley raises a good point here about substituting shearling boots for just about any other type of shoe, which is likely the main draw for the warm and cozy boots. It seems that Ugg-style sheepskin boots are one of the only types of footwear to transcend fashion trends year after year, while also effortlessly going with just about any outfit, whether you’re sporting a pair of leggings and a sweater, a mini skirt and bomber jacket, or skinny jeans and a T-shirt.

Anyone Can Wear Shearling Boots

Derided by many as the fashion fad that refuses to die, sheepskin-lined boots have somehow avoided going the way of the clog, Crocs, Birkenstock sandals and other regrettable fashion fads, and remain the favored footwear for mothers running errands in town, teenagers enjoying a Saturday shopping spree, and celebrities donning their off-duty uniform and jet-setting around the world for their next big appearance. From the fashion-forward A-lister to the regular Joe, the Ugg-style sheepskin boot is the common denominator.

Get Your Own Authentic Sheepskin Boots Today!

So what’s the secret behind the shearling boot’s unstoppable success? According to The Guardian, it’s the footwear’s ability to effortlessly straddle the line between “public glamour and private style,” telegraphing a message of “’I’m worth it’ but also ‘this is me, off-duty.’” The one factor that keeps many style-savvy individuals from purchasing a pair of sheepskin boots, however, is price. Fortunately for you, you can get a pair of genuine shearling boots from The Sheepherder for a fraction of the price. Check out our selection of Minnetonka-brand pug-style and fringe sheepskin boots, and get in on the fashion “trend” that’s here to stay!