Celebrities in Sheepskin

Celebs Love Their Sheepskin, And So Will You!

Demi Lovato trying on sheepskin boots!

Sheepskin isn’t just for winter anymore! All the hottest celebrities are donning sheepskin this season, and not just to keep their feet warm on those crisp December evenings. Sheepskin has morphed from a utilitarian product worn years ago – primarily for warmth and comfort – into a worldwide fashion statement among men, women and children alike – one that combines style and functionality in the most perfect of ways. And one of the best things about shearling garments like the ones we craft at The Sheepherder is that they are appropriate for men and women of all ages, evidenced by sheepskin-wearing celebrities like Sarah Jessica Parker, Leonardo DiCaprio, Selena Gomez, Tom Brady and Katy Perry.

We Make Shearling Garments That Last

Classic sheepskin boots, slippers and jackets have been around for decades, and the recent boost they have seen among Hollywood stars and starlets has made them a popular option for men, women and children around the world. And, while you may not necessarily take your everyday fashion advice from celebrities like Sarah Jessica Parker, the fact that so many stars are embracing shearling for winter, spring, summer and fall-wear is only further evidence of its exceptional quality and style. Take a look at our wide selection of Sheepherder sheepskin slippers, vests and jackets, and find the shearling product that will keep you comfortable and in style for years to come.

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