Scandinavian-Chic Trend & Sheepskin

Get on Board with 2017’s Scandinavian-Chic Trend

This year’s most popular home decorating style is all about clean lines and soft textures, with simple, pared-back décor reigning supreme, and comfort and quality a top priority, and our handcrafted sheepskin home goods at The Sheepherder are the perfect accessory to match your Scandinavian-chic sanctuary. Sheepskin is a natural material that has a soft, silky wool on one side and a durable suede on the other, making it a great option for any room of the house, especially when paired with other more solid natural textures, like wood or stone.

Why the Scandinavian Style is Popular

More and more people are transforming their busy, cluttered homes into simple yet sophisticated spaces, inspired by the growing Scandinavian trend in home décor. The Scandinavian look is, above all, clean and fuss-free, with simple shapes and neutral, earthy colors that easily tie in with your other décor, whether your home is predominantly urban, rural, country, or a mix of several styles. You can master the Scandi-chic look in your own home décor by pairing a variety of textures, like wood, stone and marble, to create interest, and by softening the clean, straight lines of a typical home’s architecture with warm and cozy pieces. One of the easiest ways to achieve this look is by layering soft, natural materials, like cotton and sheepskin, to create a warm and inviting space in your home where friends and family will love to gather.

From genuine shearling pillows to sheepskin patchwork quilts, we have a variety of gorgeous home goods for any décor style, all of which are handcrafted at the Sheepherder shop in Alma, Colorado, where Diane Blessing has been creating custom sheepskin apparel for more than 30 years. Not only are our shearling home goods cozy and stylish, they are made from 100% genuine sheepskin, the skins of domestic sheep raised commercially for their meat in the Western United States. The hides are a valuable byproduct, and all of the hides we use in our shearling products are tanned and processed right here in the U.S. The result is a beautiful, unique sheepskin piece that will last for years to come.

Get Your Own Sheepskin Home Goods Today

Whether you want to transform your entire home into a serene Scandinavian retreat, or simply infuse certain rooms with the Scandi-chic style that has become so popular in 2017, check out our website at for our collection of authentic sheepskin home goods. Choose your own pattern and color scheme for a one-of-a-kind piece that will make the perfect accent for any room in your home.