Nicole Kidman in Sheepskin Boots

Nicole Kidman Dons Sheepskin Boots to Film Latest Movie

There’s no doubt that taking a stroll in the British countryside in early April must have been pretty chilly, but Nicole Kidman kept her cool and stayed warm with the help of some cozy sheepskin boots while shooting her latest movie, Before I Go to Sleep. The filming, which took place just outside London, required Kidman to spend long periods of time out in the chilly weather, trekking up some steep hillsides, which she did with ease thanks to her warm, flat sheepskin footwear. Not only are sheepskin boots and slippers practical and incredibly comfortable, but high-profile celebrities like Nicole Kidman, who is known as one of the most fashionable women in Hollywood, continue to prove that shearling footwear can be equally as stylish.

Quality Sheepskin Footwear

While shooting her latest project, a psychological thriller about a woman with amnesia who loses her memory every time she goes to sleep, the Australian actress braved the cold by pairing a long gray wool coat and rose-colored scarf with black tights and a set of casual but warm sheepskin boots. The shearling boots featured snow-white wool-out seams with brown suede on the outside, and silky, warm wool on the inside for the utmost in warmth and comfort. Nicole Kidman’s elegant shearling boots also boasted hard, slip-resistant rubber soles, making them the perfect type of footwear for filming outdoors in the hilly British countryside.

Celebrities Who Wear Sheepskin

Nicole Kidman may be bringing sheepskin boots to the big screen with her latest film, but the 45-year-old actress isn’t the only celebrity to recognize the numerous benefits of sheepskin footwear and other shearling garments. A-list stars like Hayden Panettiere and Kate Hudson regularly pair sheepskin coats and boots with dressy or casual wear throughout the year, and many celebrities, including Nicole Kidman herself, dress their children in cozy sheepskin garments for kids. In fact, Kidman’s daughter with husband Keith Urban, Sunday Rose, has been photographed wearing her own pair of sheepskin boots, following in the footsteps of her famous mom.

Shearling Garments at The Sheepherder

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