It’s Never Too Early to Start Shopping for Sheepskin Christmas Gifts…

Sure, it’s only September, and Christmas probably isn’t even on your radar yet, but why wait for Black Friday and Christmas Eve crowds, when you can start your shopping now and take the time to find the gifts your loved ones will truly cherish? After all, there’s nothing worse than waiting until the last minute to shop and being forced to hand out gift cards for Christmas, especially if you’re the kind of person that prefers to give more personal presents. Lucky for you, we’ve got custom-made sheepskin slippers and other great Christmas gift ideas for 2014 right here at The Sheepherder!

This winter promises to be yet another cold and snowy season – although hopefully not the arctic freeze we experienced last winter – and one of the best Christmas gifts you could give this year is a pair of sheepskin slippers, handmade to order in our shop in Alma, Colorado. Our sheepskin slippers for women, men, children and even babies are custom made using geuine shearling from the skins of domestic sheep raised commercially for their meat in the Rocky Mountain states. The slippers are hand-crafted using one piece of continuous natural hide, with silky, warm wool on the inside and smooth, durable suede on the outside – perfect for braving the cold weather this winter.

Another great Christmas gift idea for 2014 is a handmade sheepskin coat to help ward off the cold winter chill and stay warm and cozy, even when the temperature drops. Whether you’re shopping for a husband, wife, child or friend, we have a wide selection of sheepskin coats at The Sheepherder that make for excellent Christmas gifts. Check out our Ladies Classic Sheepskin Coat and Men’s Colorado Sheepskin Coat, both custom-made to order using high-quality shearling hides for the body of the coat, and natural deer or elk antlers for buttons that are both stylish and durable.

In addition to sheepskin slippers, coats and vests for men, women and children, we also offer a variety of shearling accessories and home goods in our shop and on our website, including classic shearling aviator hats, sheepskin mittens and earbands, sheepskin pillows and quilts, and even shearling iPhone cases and seatbelt covers. If you’re looking for a unique and long-lasting gift to give a close friend or family member this Christmas, choose from our collection of custom sheepskin slippers, coats and other custom-made garments, and you won’t be disappointed!