Celebrities in Sheepskin Jackets

Emma Watson Favors Edgy Leather and Sheepskin Jacket On the Go

Ever wonder what types of clothing the rich and famous rely on when they are busy filming movies, traveling from coast to coast, and otherwise keeping up with their insanely busy lives? Up-and-coming British actress and star of the Harry Potter films, Emma Watson, is one celebrity who somehow effortlessly combines comfort and class to create some of the most casual yet stylish travel wardrobes out there. And judging by recent photos of Miss Emma Watson departing from LAX airport and dashing around New York, the 22-year-old star has at least one go-to item in her impressive wardrobe: an edgy leather and sheepskin jacket.

Plenty of celebrities are on board with the sheepskin look, sporting sheepskin jackets, boots and other shearling clothing in a variety of colors and designs. And why not? Not only is sheepskin incredibly warm and comfortable, but it’s also a product that matches practically any outfit and never seems to go out of style, making it one no-brainer of an investment. When it comes to long flights, shooting films and honing her multi-tasking skills, Emma Watson seems to rely on the same sheepskin jacket to keep her warm and comfortable on the go. The actress’ favorite jacket features a cream-colored sheepskin body with edgy black leather sleeves that appear to be removable, making the coat perfect for year-round wear.

While passing through LAX, Emma Watson donned her shearling coat and completed her travel wear with a cozy watercolor sweater over top a long gray jersey top, a blue knit scarf, black leggings, blue ankle boots and Ray Ban sunglasses. On her trip to New York, Emma paired the same comfortable sheepskin jacket with a white sweater, black skinny jeans, Balenciaga low-top trainers and her stylish black Ray Bans. Because sheepskin functions as both a comfortable and fashionable apparel, whether she is off-duty or on, Emma Watson’s shearling jacket complements virtually any outfit she chooses to wear.

The fact that shearling products are favored by men, women and children of all ages, regardless of their celebrity status (or lack there of), is proof that sheepskin slippers, coats and boots are the perfect go-to accessory to add a little something extra to casual and dressy outfits alike. And while the always-stylish Emma Watson prefers to match her shearling jacket with a sweater, black leggings or skinny jeans and trainers, the look would be just as complete with a black dress and heels or tights and black boots for dressier events, making it the perfect addition to any wardrobe, celebrity or not!