Minnetonka Footwear for Summer

Many people associate sheepskin footwear with cold winter weather, but the truth is that there are plenty of shearling boots, slippers and moccasins out there that are perfect for the warm summer months as well. All of our sheepskin products at The Sheepherder are handcrafted from the skins of domestic sheep raised in the Rocky Mountain states and are processed right here in the United States. When sheepskin is processed correctly, the material’s hollow fibers naturally wick away moisture from the body, keeping you cool even in hot weather. Shearling slippers and garments are also very comfortable and stylish, making them the perfect addition to any wardrobe throughout the year. The Sheepherder is an official Minnetonka retailer, and we offer a variety of sheepskin Minnetonka products for summer, including these favorites:

  • Minnetonka Mens Hardsole Sheepskin Moccasin – This attractive shearling slipper is constructed with 100% shearling wool, featuring dense, soft sheepskin on the inside and a hard rubber indoor/outdoor sole that provides durability and traction.
  • Minnetonka Ladies Shearling Mule Slipper – There’s nothing more convenient and comfortable than slipping into a pair of Minnetonka sheepskin mules, featuring an open back for easy on and off. The women’s shearling slippers are also constructed with a stylish band of sheepskin on the outside and a hard rubber slip-resistant bottom.
  • Minnetonka Mens Twin Gore Shearling Slippers – Whether you’re walking around the house or around town, these sheepskin slippers for men will keep your feet comfortable and cool during the summer months. The footwear features elastic gores on either side so they are easier to get on and off, and also have a hard rubber indoor/outdoor sole.
  • Minnetonka Ladies Sheepskin Ankle Boot – Slip on a pair of skinny jeans or short shorts and finish off the look with these shearling ankle boots for women, which provide a comfortable and stylish alternative to sandals. The ladies sheepskin boot features an attractive folded-over flap and a slip-resistant hard rubber sole for indoor or outdoor wear.
  • Minnetonka Ladies Short Shearling Boot – Sheepskin boots are more popular than ever, and can be worn year-round for added warmth in the winter or cool, comfortable wear during the summer. These ladies shearling boots are attractive and stylish, and feature an indoor/outdoor rubber sole for traction and durability.

Quality Sheepskin Products at The Sheepherder

Minnetonka is one of the most trusted brands in sheepskin footwear, and we are proud to carry Minnetonka slippers, boots and moccasins among our own selection of fine shearling products. When you purchase a Minnetonka product from The Sheepherder, you can rest assured that you will receive a superior item constructed using only the highest-quality sheepskin available. Check out all of our sheepskin slippers and garments at The Sheepherder and treat yourself or a loved one to a genuine shearling product this summer!