London Fashion Week Features Sheepskin

London Fashion Week has just completed its Autumn/Winter 2014 runway show and, as expected, sheepskin will play a major role in this year’s fall and winter fashion trends. From Topshop to Burberry to Erdem, some of the most famous design houses featured luxurious sheepskin garments in their collections this year, paying particular attention to shearling jackets for women. Burberry really upped the ante with its hand-made, hand-painted sheepskin trench coats, which are now available for purchase on the label’s website. Unfortunately, if you’re just dying to have one of these custom sheepskin jackets straight off the runway, you can expect to shell out at least $10,000 for just one coat. Burberry’s regular shearling jackets range in price from $2,795 to $3,000, so that’s no minor purchase either.

Sheepskin-Inspired Outerwear

While Burberry incorporated sheepskin details into its signature trench coat for added warmth and texture this fall and winter, up-and-coming designer Erdem Moralioglu added a bit of edge to his aesthetic, showcasing an evening coat in white shearling with bold jewel embellishments. Other shearling-inspired designs featured during 2014 London Fashion Week included sheepskin flying jackets, coats with shearling collars and military-style sheepskin-lined outerwear.  According to Burberry’s design chief Christopher Bailey, the label opted for cozy shearling and other warm, luxurious outerwear designs this year in an effort to convey romance and soft femininity, saying: “I wanted it to be very sophisticated, and with a slight nuance of sexiness.”

Stylish, Versatile Sheepskin Jackets

Besides being sophisticated and attractive, one of the best things about sheepskin is that it’s completely wearable, which simply isn’t true about much of the clothing you see on fashion runways around the globe. Unlike some other popular trends adopted in the world’s most famous fashion capitals, shearling is something you can wear on a daily basis without even the slightest bit of discomfort. Especially when your sheepskin garment is handmade specifically to fit you and only you. Some of our most popular designs at The Sheepherder are sheepskin jackets for women that are versatile enough to wear around town or out for the evening, including our Ladies Classic Sheepskin Coat and our Ladies Cattleman Sheepskin Coat.

Order Your Custom Shearling Garment Today

Plenty of people are saying that sheepskin is “back,” judging by the designs featured in London Fashion Week, but the truth is, sheepskin never went away; it’s been right here all along. Shearling jackets and slippers have always been coveted by people living in the colder parts of the world, because of the material’s unparalleled warmth, but sheepskin is actually appropriate for warmer weather too, as the hollow fibers in the material help wick moisture away from the skin, keeping you cool in summer as well. So why not take a page from some of the fashion industry’s most popular labels and choose a handmade item from our collection of custom shearling jackets today?