Find the Best Sheepskin Slippers and Shearling Jackets

When it comes to sheepskin coats and other shearling products, the key to purchasing the most comfortable garments made with the highest-quality materials is finding an individual or shop that makes sheepskin slippers and apparel by hand. If you buy sheepskin products from a chain or factory, you never really know what you’re going to get. On the other hand, by visiting (in person or online) authentic sheepskin shops like The Sheepherder in Alma, Colorado, you can ensure that you are going to get what you paid for: a comfortable, warm shearling jacket, coat, pair of slippers or vest, hand-crafted to fit your specific fit, style and color preferences. What’s more, custom-made sheepskin slippers and shearling jackets from authentic sheepskin shops like The Sheepherder can craft quality and comfortable custom shearling slippers for men, women and even children!

Ladies Footwear and Sheepskin Slippers

By creating quality sheepskin slippers made from genuine shearling, and hand-crafted to order, sheepskin shops like The Sheepherder can offer customers a variety of sheepskin slipper options made from the most comfortable and highest-quality materials. One of The Sheepherder’s most popular options for shearling slippers is the Ladies Adult Sheepskin Slipper, a classic scuff-style shearling slipper. With its easy slip-on wear and naturally insulating, breathable and moisture-resistant sheepskin, this ladies shearling slipper is perfect for year-round wear. If you’re looking for a more traditional shearling slipper for women, check out The Sheepherder’s Ladies Sheepskin Slipper, a luxurious shearling slipper choice providing customers the utmost in warmth and style. Crafted from genuine sheepskin, the natural, soft wool keeps your feet cozy, while the authentic sheepskin hide allows your feet to breathe comfortably. The Sheepherder’s traditional sheepskin slipper features wool-out seams for style and a tough cowhide sole for durability unsurpassed by imitation sheepskin slippers.

Mens Shearling Slippers and Sheepskin Footwear

Most men look for exceptional comfort and durability in their sheepskin slippers as well, which is why The Sheepherder also offers the traditional Mens Sheepskin Slipper and scuff-style shearling slipper, crafted specifically for men. Offered in a variety of colors and custom-made to order, these two styles of mens sheepskin slippers offer unrivaled durability and comfort in a stylish shearling slipper. And, since The Sheepherder is an authorized Minnetonka retailer, other popular options for mens sheepskin slippers by The Sheepherder include the Mens Ugg-style Sheepskin Boot and mens Minnetonka sheepskin slippers and moccasins. Made in the USA and crafted from naturally durable, breathable and moisture-resistant sheepskin hide, these mens shearling slippers offer comfort and function for wear in both the winter and summer. The Ugg-style sheepskin boot is 9” high and comes with a non-slip, hard rubber sole for the best grip in winter weather. The mens moccasins feature thick, dense and luxurious sheepskin wool on the inside, with 100% shearling hide on the outside, and an indoor/outdoor hard rubber sole on the bottom to keep your sheepskin moccasins lasting longer than ever.

Sheepskin Slippers and Footwear for Children

When purchasing your ladies and mens sheepskin slippers this year, don’t forget about the kids! The Sheepherder keeps function, comfort and warmth in mind when crafting childrens sheepskin slippers, offering a diverse selection of shearling footwear options perfect for any season. Check out the traditional Kids Sheepskin Slipper and find that The Sheepherder offers these traditional adult slippers in a smaller size without sacrificing quality or durability. Keep your childrens’ feet comfy and cozy in these sheepskin slippers, and you may find you have a hard time getting them off their feet! Sheepskin’s natural hollow fibers wick away moisture and will keep your kids’ feet warm in the winter and cool in the summer, unlike imitation shearling slippers. And with The Sheepherder’s great prices on kids sheepskin slippers, you’ll have a hard time saying no to this great sheepskin slipper purchase!