How to Choose My Sheepskin Color

Here at The Sheepherder, our sheepskin garments are 100% genuine products, meaning they are made in the USA using the hides of sheep commercially raised in the Rocky Mountain states and are not synthetic in any way, shape or form. To process and tan the high-quality shearling we use in our coats, slippers and other sheepskin garments, the hides are put through a very precise 21-day process, which leaves us with a soft, warm and comfortable material that naturally wicks away moisture from the body. Because our shearling garments are constructed using natural hides, there may be small variations in different dye lots, but the overall color will be consistent throughout the garment. Keep in mind, we offer a variety of attractive colors for our sheepskin jackets, vests, slippers and other products, so you can choose the color that suits you best!

Customize Your Sheepskin Product

Sheepherder shearling garments are made using one continuous piece of natural hide, meaning the wool is not glued or sewn to the leather, as it might be in an imitation sheepskin coat or jacket. The natural color of sheep’s wool is a mixture of gray and white, but the wool used in a shearling garment is typically bleached white or can be dyed grey, black, brown or even pink to complement the color of the outside leather portion of the product. At the same time, the hide is tanned and may also be dyed to match the color of the inside wool for a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing sheepskin garment. At The Sheepherder, we offer a variety of stylish colors for our shearling garments so that our customers can truly customize the look of their sheepskin product, as well as its size, fit and style.

Sheepskin Garment Colors at The Sheepherder

If you are interested in a men’s, ladies’ or children’s sheepskin garment, we offer these products in the following colors: Ivory, Sahara, Gold Misty, Ranch, Grey, Basic Black and Pink. Again, regardless of the color of the sheepskin product you choose, both the wool and leather will be dyed so they match. We also offer top-quality ladies’ deerskin vests and men’s elkskin vests, both of which come in Palomino, Gold, Saddle, Mahogany, Chocolate and Basic Black. Sheepskin slippers have always been a favorite among men, women and children, and shearling jackets and coats have recently come back in style for all age groups. One of the great things about shearling garments is that they are appropriate for both dressy and casual wear, and, at The Sheepherder, you can choose whichever color you think will work best for your style!