How to Care for Custom-Made Sheepskin Slippers

Sheepskin slippers are only one of the custom, hand-made sheepskin products designed and produced by The Sheepherder of Alma, Colorado. The shearling used by The Sheepherder to make sheepskin slippers comes from domestic sheep raised in the Rocky Mountain states, whose hides are tanned and processed in the United States. Every Sheepherder product, including the sheepskin slippers, is personally designed and crafted by owner Diane Blessing, who has been creating sheepskin garments at her Alma shop for more than twenty years. Each sheepskin slipper product crafted by The Sheepherder is produced over the course of twenty-one days, in order to create a hide that naturally wicks away moisture from the body and remains cool even in warm temperatures. Handcrafted sheepskin slippers by The Sheepherder are tailored to suit customers’ specifications for fit, style and color, and require specific attention to proper care in order to maintain the quality and integrity of the sheepskin product.

Proper Cleaning for Sheepskin Slippers

Cleaning sheepskin slippers properly requires special techniques, due to the vulnerable nature of the suede, wool and other materials used in sheepskin slippers. Sheepherder sheepskin slippers should be hand-washed or spot-cleaned, as machine washing can tear the slippers apart or tint them with colors or lint from other fabrics. If your sheepskin slippers become stained, it is important to try to clean the spot immediately, rather than allowing the stain to set. A special suede sponge or brush should be used on the suede areas of your sheepskin slippers, brushing against the nap. Regular sponges and rags should never be used to clean sheepskin, as they can cause spots or tearing. If your sheepskin slippers become overly soiled, take them to a professional dry cleaner who has experience in cleaning leather, furs or sheepskin.

Sheepskin Slippers for Winter

Avoid spending another winter with cold feet, and treat yourself to the most comfortable custom-made sheepskin slippers by The Sheepherder. All of Sheepherder’s sheepskin slippers are made of genuine sheepskin, also called shearling, which consists of one piece of continuous natural hide. Imitation sheepskin slippers are often made of wool that is glued or sewn to the suede as a separate lining. Sheepherder sheepskin slippers, on the other hand, use the natural hide and wool of the sheep, which has silky wool on one side and smooth suede on the other, providing sheepskin slippers that are of higher quality and comfort than imitation products. In addition to comfort, sheepskin slippers provide a natural warmth without making you sweat like lower quality synthetic fabrics have a tendency to do.

Extending the Life of your Sheepskin Slippers

One of the most important components of properly caring for your Sheepherder sheepskin slippers includes spraying them with non-silicone water repellant to avoid water spotting. If your sheepskin slippers ever become considerably wet, they should be dried slowly without being subjected to direct heat. Once the slippers are dry, water spots can be removed with a suede brush or sponge. Taking good care of your sheepskin slippers will help maintain the natural comfort and warmth of these custom products, which is especially important during the cold winter months. Sheepskin is naturally a durable fabric that is made to hold up to everyday wear and tear. If properly cared for, Sheepherder sheepskin slippers will look better and last longer.