Find the Best Sheepskin and Shearling Products for the Fall

Sheepskin for Fall

The sticky summer heat has finally given way to crisp autumn weather, and we are getting plenty of requests for sheepskin coats and shearling slippers from customers looking for ways to stay warm this fall and winter.  October is just around the corner, and whether  you live in the mountains or at the beach, a comfortable shearling vest or a patchwork sheepskin blanket could offer the ultimate warmth for those chilly mornings and cool evenings that are sure to come.  If you’re researching the best sheepskin products for fall, look no further.  At The Sheepherder, our sheepskin coats, vests, slippers, and shearling accessories are all handmade in the USA , and we use only the highest-quality materials in our products,  so you know you are getting the very best!