Find a Sheepskin Coat Like Your Favorite Game of Thrones Character

Season four of the beloved epic fantasy series “Game of Thrones” is set to air on April 6, and now you can dress like Jon Snow, Robb Stark, Ned Stark, Ygritte, or another favorite “GoT” character with genuine sheepskin jackets from The Sheepherder. Furs play a crucial role in the costumes worn by the “Game of Thrones” characters, especially those who reside in the North and north of the wall, where snows fall heavy and a frigid winter can last for years on end. As the Starks so famously say, “winter is coming,” so check out our wide selection of shearling jackets and find a sheepskin coat just like your favorite “Game of Thrones” character.

Our first pick for a Game of Thrones-style sheepskin coat would be the Men’s Cattleman Sheepskin Jacket, which features a generous shawl collar, flap pockets and 3” roll cuffs. The masculine style of this sheepskin coat – which you would order in Night’s Watch black of course – will have you feeling like Jon Snow in no time, hopefully without the 700-foot wall though. A similar garment is our Men’s Colorado Sheepskin Coat, which could pass for a modern version of the fur-lined cloak Robb and Bran sport when the Stark family finds the orphaned direwolf pups in the Wolfswood.

If you align yourself more with Ygritte, the tough-as-nails wildling who falls hard for Jon Snow even though he’s considered the enemy, consider our Ladies Sheepskin Aviator Hat or Ladies Shearling Earband in colors like Gold Misty, Sahara or Ranch. Pair the soft, attractive bomber hat with our Ladies Cattleman Sheepskin Coat or Ladies Columbine Shearling Jacket, and they will keep you as warm as the hooded fur coat Ygritte wears while crossing the frozen tundra north of the wall. Complete the look with a pair of stylish sheepskin mittens and you’ll wonder why your winter wear ever consisted of anything but luxurious shearling.

Everyone from die-hard fans to high-end designers are drawing fashion inspiration from the hit HBO television show, and fashion designer Helmut Lang even included several “Game of Thrones”-inspired pieces in their 2012 Fall Collection, combining hard and soft fabrics and a variety of textures to create minimalist designs with a modern medieval twist. No, we don’t include any crow feathers or direwolf furs à la the Night’s Watch and the Stark family sigil in our designs at The Sheepherder, but we do use genuine sheepskin to create all of our men’s and women’s shearling jackets. So, you are guaranteed to stay nice and toasty warm no matter how long winter lasts.