Find a Sheepskin Coat Like the Batman Movie

With the popularity of the Dark Knight Rises, sheepskin jackets have gotten a unexpectedly new cool.  Although I must admit I haven’t seen the movie yet, a phone call from a potential client the other day got me interested.  He was asking if we could custom make him a jacket like the sheepskin coat the main character in the Batman movie wears.  Well, I thought, why not?  We searched some images of Bane, the lead character, to check out what his sheepskin outerwear looked like.

If you haven’t seen the movie, here’s a pretty good picture of the villian, Bane:

sheepskin coat bane batman movie


Now that we have the image, the next question is: can we make you a sheepskin coat like the Batman movie?  Well, we’ve decided we can come pretty close.  The coat that Bane wears in the Dark Knight Rises is not too far off from our Men’s Classic Coat in a 3/4 length.  We could make it full length if you wanted (there are always extra charges if we add on length).  We can match the collar, the sleeves and the general look and feel. The pockets on Bane’s sheepskin coat are a little difficult and we might not be able to match those exactly, but we can put on a pocket that will compliment the jacket in general. The loops on this mens sheepskin coat buttons can be copied as well.

The one curiosity on this Batman movie coat is that it looks like this coat is made from one long piece of shearling, rather than having a yoke – or separate piece for the shoulders.  I don’t know that we could get one full piece of shearling long enough to make the coat seamless, but we can surely do a yoke that is not too noticable.

The client that called about the Batman shearling coat asked if we could do wool seams and lining for a little different look.  We can always customize your sheepskin coat with small details like that, if you would like.  Same goes for the color – despite the worn and dirty look of the anarchist in the picture, if I had to guess I would say the coat is a grey on white color. We do have grey on grey or tan on white, but we don’t have that exact color combo.  However, we have tons of other sheepskin colors that would look great with this look.

It’s always nice when an item that is as underestimated like sheepskin gets an unexpected boost from a big Hollywood movie!  Well, we’ll see if sheepskin jackets become the next big rage – they’ve always been a solid classic. Don’t forget, the The Sheepherder also makes top quality shearling vests for women, children and men, as well as ladies sheepskin coats and great cozy sheepskin slippers for the whole family.  And it’s all made by hand in the USA!

Now, the scary Hannibal Lector mask… we’ll leave that up to you.