Do You Know The Facts About Shearling?

Shearling is a unique natural product.  Shearling, or sheepskin by definition is a sheep’s hide that has been tanned for a specific use.  In all cases, the sheep has been shorn several times for it’s wool, that is why these hides are referred to as as shearling.  All sheep are raised for the meat (mutton, lamb, lamb chops, etc.)  So the hides are only a by-product of the primary purpose of this animal.

Shearling and Sheepskin Facts

The tanning process for sheep is different from other animals.  These sheepskin hides are tanned in natural salts and alkaloids so the pollution factor is minimal as these are all natural products.  The hairs and hair follices themselves are hollow so that the wool portion of the hides performs two vital functions.:

* First of all, it wicks all excess moisture away from the skin.

* Secondly, it allows the skin to breathe.  This is why shearling slippers are such an ideal product for both summer and winter because it keeps the skin warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

We offer many different styles of sheepskin slippers gauranteed to satisfy everyone’s personal needs.  The scuff sheeepskin slipper is always a good choice for warmer weather areas that use air conditioning in the summer.  They take the chill off those tile floors while letting your feet bathe in the plush comfort of all natural shearling.

Cared for properly our shearling styles last for years.