Even Lambs Need Sheepskin!

Sometimes Even Lambs Need a Nice, Warm Sheepskin Coat!

After being born without a speck of fleece on his body, a baby lamb in the UK was gifted a cozy handmade sheepskin coat by a caring and generous farmer last month. According to The Sun, a lamb who was born completely bald was abandoned by his mother in a field in the cold and rain, but farm hand Sally-Ann Fisher found him and was able to revive him. Then she set about trying to find a way to keep the lamb, nicknamed Little Skippy, warm during the cold snap that had struck the Ramsbury, Wiltshire area of England where Skippy was found.

According to Sally-Ann Fisher, “Skippy was born outside and his mother had triplets and he was the third one to be born.” The other two lambs were perfectly healthy, but Skippy was born without any wool or birth coat, so he was rejected by his mother. Fisher’s solution for keeping Skippy warm was to borrow a bit of fleece from a neighboring farm and fashion a wrap-around shearling coat to protect him from the unexpected chilly temperatures. Lucky for Skippy, in addition to his sheepskin coat, he also has a selection of jackets he can wear to stay warm, made from old sweaters with the sleeves cut off.

Although it’s unusual for lambs to be worn without a fleece, Skippy’s lack of a birth coat does not appear to be due to any health problems, Fisher says, and the farmers taking care of him now have called him a “born survivor.” Lucky for Skippy, natural sheepskin is an incredibly warm material, and, even though he doesn’t have any fleece of his own, the shearling coat the farmers were kind enough to give him should offer the protection he needs to survive the cold weather.

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