How to Dress Yourself in Sheepskin this Fall

It’s hard to believe, but September really is right around the corner, and while we still have some time before the brisk fall weather sets in, it’s a great time to get ahead of the game and get your hands on some warm and cozy must-haves for this fall, including sheepskin slippers, shearling coats and more. With our wide selection of sheepskin garments and accessories at your fingertips, you can dress your best this season and incorporate a little luxurious sheepskin into your fashionable fall wardrobe!

For many of us, sheepskin slippers evoke an image of lounging by a warm fire in cozy pajamas with a cup of hot cocoa in hand, but the truth is, these wardrobe staples aren’t just for wearing around the house anymore. With a variety of sheepskin slippers to choose from at our Sheepherder shop and online, including comfortable and stylish hardsole mules, moccasins and ankle boots, you can now brave the outdoors with your sheepskin slippers in tow, and not once wonder whether your feet will be warm enough.

In addition to our wide selection of Minnetonka sheepskin slippers, we also have several styles of easy-on sheepskin slippers featuring wear-resistant soft soles, which are perfect for slipping on first thing in the morning and as soon as you arrive home from work at the end of the day. Treat yourself to a pair of these softsole sheepskin slippers, and you’ll find yourself cooking dinner, doing laundry and chatting on the phone with an extra little spring in your step!

Our sheepskin slippers are constructed using 100% genuine shearling, which comes from the skins of domestic sheep raised commercially for their meat in the Rocky Mountain states. Unlike lower-quality shearling or knockoff sheepskin products, all of our sheepskin slippers at The Sheepherder are handmade to order, using one piece of continous natural hide, which means the wool is never mended, glued or sewn to the suede as a separate lining.

One of the most exciting things about fall – besides shuffling the kiddies off to school and seeing your favorite TV shows back in the lineup – is scoring a few key wardrobe pieces that can easily transition from fall to winter, spring and summer, and back again. Like your go-to straw hat and knee-high brown leather boots, a pair of genuine sheepskin slippers are totally fashionable and fall-worthy, and we promise you’ll enjoy them for years to come!