Cuddly and Soft SheepskinToys

Sheepskin Stuffed Animals and Toys for Kids

Our sheepskin garments are certainly loved by adults, but there’s no reason young children can’t enjoy the comfort and durability of soft, plush sheepskin too! Sheepskin is one of the softest and most luxurious materials out there, which makes it a fine choice for children’s stuffed animals. We take pride in the quality of our shearling products at The Sheepherder, and we are fully devoted to creating sheepskin items for the entire family to enjoy. That’s why, in addition to shearling jackets, vests, slippers and accessories, we also offer handcrafted sheepskin animals that make perfect gifts for your little ones.

Soft and Cuddly Sheepskin Teddy Bears

Our small sheepskin teddy bear is soft and snuggly, made from luxurious shearling wool and stuffed with wool shavings to make it the perfect cuddle buddy for children and even adults. The sheepskin teddy bear comes in a variety of tones, which you can hand pick to match your child’s favorite color, and is outfitted with a leather nose, eyes and tongue. To care for this little sheepskin friend, don’t wash or soak through the suede; simply touch up the wool with a small amount of liquid soap and water, and he (or she) is good to go!

Luxurious Sheepskin Bunny Rabbits

If your son or daughter is over the teddy bear phase, an adorable sheepskin bunny could be the perfect fit. Our cuddly little shearling rabbits are delightfully soft, and, like the teddy bears, are stuffed with sheepskin shavings to create a perfectly huggable friend for your child. Choose from a variety of colors, including ivory, sahara, gold misty, ranch, grey, basic black and pink, or mix and match tones to create a personalized sheepskin bunny for a baby shower, Christmas or birthday gift. Caring for your sheepskin bunny is easy; simply touch up the wool with water and liquid soap, being careful not to soak through the suede, and the stuffed animal will

Sheepskin Stuffed Animals for Children and Adults

Just like our shearling garments, our sheepskin stuffed animals at The Sheepherder are constructed with comfort and durability in mind, and are made to last. If you’re looking for the perfect gift for your child, niece, nephew, or family friend, our sheepskin teddy bears and bunnies are sure to fit the bill. These luxurious sheepskin stuffed animals are, by design, safe for children, complete with leather accents instead of glass or plastic eyes and noses that can hurt or pose a choking hazard for small children. Our sheepskin teddy bears and rabbits are looking for a good home, and are so cute and loveable, you may even want to keep one for yourself!