Cozy, Masculine Sheepskin Footwear for Men

It’s easy to see sheepskin slippers and boots as a fashion staple made strictly for women, but the truth is, the cozy footwear is just as wearable for men (like New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady) who are looking for easy slip-on shoes they can step into at the end of a long day. Plenty of men out there already recognize the undeniable comfort of authentic shearling footwear, and even A-list male celebrities like Bruce Willis, Tom Brady and Ben Affleck sport cozy and warm sheepskin slippers and boots on occasion.

Our handcrafted sheepskin slippers and boots at The Sheepherder are made to last, using the natural wool and hide of domestic sheep raised in the Rocky Mountain region, and the shoes are also warm enough to keep your toes toasty warm throughout the fall and winter. Imagine waking up on a chilly morning and stepping into a pair of luxurious sheepskin slippers, or coming home at the end of a winter day to cozy up by the fire in shearling slippers handmade to fit your exact measurements. As the UK news website Metro so eloquently puts it, wearing genuine shearling slippers is like “slipping your feet into a bear’s armpit,” and what man wouldn’t want that??

From traditional sheepskin slippers to scuff shearling slippers, The Sheepherder offers a wide variety of one-of-a-kind shearling slippers for men that are handmade to order by Diane Blessing, in her shop in beautiful downtown Alma, Colorado. Diane has been creating handmade genuine shearling slippers and other sheepskin garments since 1989, and each and every item she crafts is made using the highest-quality materials, and with impeccable attention to detail. Check out The Sheepherder’s Scuff Sheepskin Slipper for men for easy-on, easy-off wear on a daily basis, or the Men’s Traditional Shearling Slipper for a warm and cozy fit that offers coverage for both your feet and ankles.

In addition to custom shearling slippers handcrafted by Diane herself, The Sheepherder also offers a wide selection of authentic Minnetonka sheepskin footwear for men on our website. Head on over to our official Minnetonka section and choose from the shearling Ankle Hi Pug Boot, Olympia Boot, Men’s Ankle Boot, Men’s Hardsole Slippers, Men’s Softsole Slippers or Men’s Twin Gore Slippers, all from Minnetonka’s sheepskin footwear collection, and all featuring durable, attractive suede on the outside and luxurious, warm wool on the inside.

If there’s one type of footwear that is guaranteed to keep you warm on chilly mornings and evenings throughout the fall and winter seasons, it’s genuine shearling slippers or boots. Order your own pair of handmade men’s sheepskin slippers today and see what it’s like to “slip your feet into a bear’s armpit!”