The Durability of Genuine Sheepskin Products

Imitation shearling products may resemble authentic sheepskin in appearance, but the comfort, fit and durability of The Sheepherder’s sheepskin garments and accessories are unmatched by any imitation or synthetic items. Sheepskin slippers, jackets, blankets and shearling winter wear are some of the most sought-after products on the market, due to their reputation as high-quality, comfortable and durable garments. Although there are a number of sheepskin chains and retailers offering imitation sheepskin products in the U.S., The Sheepherder of Alma, Colorado is one of the few establishments offering customers genuine sheepskin products that are custom-fit and made by hand specific to its customers’ needs.

Benefits of True Shearling Outerwear

Sheepskin, also called lambskin or shearling, is the hide of a sheep, and is tanned with the fleece intact in order to make quality and comfortable sheepskin products. Sheepskin is used to produce sheepskin leather products and a variety of soft wool-lined clothing items, including hats, gloves, jackets, boots, and Ugg-style sheepskin boots. The fleece of sheepskin has exceptional insulating properties, and is also resistant to flame and static electricity. The wool of the sheepskin used by the Sheepherder is also extremely dense, which gives these sheepskin products unmatched cushioning capability for extreme comfort and durability.

Custom-Made Sheepskin Slippers and Shearling Garments

The high-quality shearling used by the Sheepherder in making sheepskin products is one piece of continuous natural hide, which means the wool is not sewn or glued to the suede, as it may be in imitation sheepskin products. All Sheepherder sheepskin garments and items are handmade at the time of the order for a custom fit tailored to consumers’ specifications for color, style and size. The Sheepherder has been using premium products to create handcrafted sheepskin products for over twenty years, ensuring that all Sheepherder customers receive a one-of-a-kind item made with impeccable quality and attention to detail.

Shearling slippers have been a favorite for centuries, due to the unrivaled comfort and durability these products offer, compared to regular slippers. Purchasing sheepskin slippers is a great way to keep your feet comfortable, dry and warm during the winter season, and they are even ideal for the summer months as well, as the insulating qualities of sheepskin keep your feet cool even in high temperatures. Sheepskin’s durability is unsurpassed by other natural fibers and woven wool alternatives, which is why the Sheepherder uses genuine sheepskin for all its products. Sheepherder sheepskin slippers are renowned for their comfort and quality, but it is the fine craftsmanship that the Sheepherder devotes to each and every sheepskin product that sets these sheepskin items apart from those offered by competitors.

Creating Durable Sheepskin Products

The Sheepherder uses only the finest sheepskin, sheared from the skins of domestic sheep from the Rocky Mountain states. The sheep, deer and elk used for Sheepherder skins are not endangered species. The sheep are raised commercially for their meat, and their hides are tanned and processed in the United States to create high-quality Sheepherder sheepskin products. The intricate process of creating this authentic sheepskin takes twenty-one days and results in a hide that naturally wicks away moisture from the body. Sheepherder products feature top-grade lambskins for the body of the garment, with natural elk and deer antler for the buttons, and sturdy nylon thread to keep it all together. The Sheepherder uses the softest and most supple skins for jacket sleeves and collars to ensure the greatest comfort and flexibility.

One of the most valuable characteristics of sheepskin is its durability. Because sheepskin is so durable, women’s and men’s sheepskin slippers and other sheepskin products are not subject to the normal wear and tear that eventually ruin other synthetic products. Taking proper care of your sheepskin product, which includes using the recommended cleaning products, can help make it last nearly a lifetime. The Sheepherder recommends that customers use a rain and stain shield to protect the suede or leather, and a suede conditioner/cleaner should be used to remove most spotting. If sheepskin slippers or another shearling product becomes overly soiled, it should be taken to a professional dry cleaner experienced in cleaning suede and/or leather and sheepskin.