After Christmas Gift Ideas for Sheepskin Lovers

Christmas is just days away, and while you’ve probably already finished most of your holiday shopping by now, there might be one or two people on your list that you’ve been unable to find the perfect gift for. Lucky for you, genuine sheepskin is one of those things that pretty much everyone can get down with, and whether they are the type to go crazy over a sheepskin throw, a pair of sheepskin slippers, or some cozy shearling mittens, we’ve got the perfect last-minute gift idea. And even if their sheepskin item doesn’t get to them until after Christmas, you’ll have given them a beautiful gift made to last for years to come!

Warm and Cozy Sheepskin Slippers and Boots

Imagine having a pair of custom sheepskin slippers or boots sitting next to your bed, so you can slip them on in the morning and pad around the house on those cold winter mornings. Now imagine how much your friend or loved one will cherish this gift of warmth and comfort that they can use day after day, regardless of the season. Because remember, our shearling slippers are handmade from 100% genuine sheepskin, which means they will keep your feet warm in the winter and cool in the summer, unlike synthetic sheepskin slippers (thumbs up for year-round wear!).

Patchwork Sheepskin Blanket or Quilt

A favorite pastime for many during the holiday season is cozying up on the couch in front of the fire and watching some much-loved holiday movies with their loved ones. Now throw a handcrafted sheepskin blanket into the mix and this scenario just got a whole lot cozier! Our handmade shearling quilts are crafted from genuine sheepskin cut into varying sizes for that authentic patchwork look, with the natural tones of the wool showing on one side and the sheepskin’s durable suede and wool-out seams showing on the other. This is the perfect gift for the regular couch-snuggler or as a beautiful wintertime quilt for the bedroom.

Soft and Supple Shearling Mittens and Gloves

Nobody likes having cold hands during these chilly winter months, but there are so few mittens and gloves out there that offer both elegance and warmth without sacrificing durability. Enter our genuine sheepskin mittens and gloves, which are crafted by hand with close attention to detail for a beautiful shearling accessory that is made to last, and that will keep your hands toasty warm all winter long. These shearling gloves and mittens are perfectly designed so that your body warmth heats up the natural wool on the inside, while the durable outer suede blocks the chilly weather and the wool-out seams lend an elegant and stylish appearance.