Check Out Our New Minnetonka Fringe Boots for Kids!

Fringe boots are definitely the latest hot fashion trend for fall, and The Sheepherder is proud to announce a new selection of sheepskin Minnetonka fringe boots for kids and adults, available both in our shop and online. Made from authentic sheepskin, the adorable Minnetonka fringe boots provide the luxurious comfort of a sheepskin boot, but with a fashionable fringe detail perfect for any western-inspired outfit this fall. The Minnetonka fringe boots for children and adults are available in a range of colors, including tan, black and gray, and also feature a leather braid with metal studs along the top of the boot for a little extra flair.

Cozy and chic fringe boots have been spotted all over the place recently, both on the runway and off, but the fashion trend has definitely been kicked into full gear for this fall, and even celebrity moms like Halle Berry and Gwen Stefani have embraced the adorable look of fringe boots for kids. Halle has been spotted toting around a fringe-boot-wearing Nahla recently, completing the outfit with a bright pink tutu, long sleeve shirt and white leggings, and Gwen’s son Kingston, who has always been a fan of sheepskin boots, has also been photographed sporting a pair of children’s fringe boots in tan, along with blue jeans and a cute blue and white plaid shirt.

One of the best things about crisp fall weather is that it allows you to trade in those well-worn flip-flops, in favor of some more stylish and versatile footwear options, like fringe sheepskin boots. When it comes to kids, the Minnetonka fringe boots look great with a pair of jeans or leggings and a simple top, a cute floral dress, or a pair of overalls. For adults, any style or color fringe boot can be paired with your favorite skinny jeans, a cute plaid shirt and western-style jewelry, or a pair of leggings and a plain t-shirt or sweater. The great thing about fringe boots is that you can go all the way with the southwestern-style look, or simply add them to your favorite outfit for a little boho flair.

Now that summer has officially come to a close, consider upgrading your fall wardrobe – and your child’s too – with a pair of stylish fringe boots from Minnetonka. The boots are made from only the highest-quality materials, and feature a padded cushion insole that adds an extra layer of warmth and comfort to the boots. They also feature a durable rubber sole for outdoor wear, giving the boots great traction in the winter, too. Visit our website today to purchase your own pair of Minnetonka sheepskin fringe boots!