Chase Away the Winter Chill With Warm Sheepskin Slippers and Mittens

Temperatures in some parts of the country have dropped below zero this week, and with more snow and ice on the way, it doesn’t look like there’s a warm spell coming any time soon. Fortunately for you, we have a wide selection of cozy handcrafted slippers, mittens and hats made from genuine sheepskin, a natural material that can help you retain your body heat and keep warm even in the coldest winter weather. The following are some of our most popular sheepskin accessories, all available in custom sizes for men, women and children:

Sheepskin Slippers – There’s nothing quite like stepping out of bed on a chilly winter morning and into a pair of genuine sheepskin slippers custom-made by hand for a perfect fit. We have a large selection of shearling slippers for men, women and children, including our ladies scuff slippers and men’s traditional slippers, and all of our slippers are handcrafted using genuine sheepskin, for a luxuriously soft slipper that will keep you toasty warm, no matter what this winter decides to throw at you.

Shearling Mittens – Our genuine sheepskin mittens are the perfect wintertime accessory – your body heat naturally warms up the wool on the inside, while the smooth outer suede protects your hands from those bone-chilling winter winds. Our custom sheepskin mittens feature wool-out seams, unisex sizing, and a D-ring and clip so they can be attached to your winter coat. We also have adorable sheepskin mittens for children and babies, so the whole family can stay cozy and warm this winter!

Sheepskin Driving Gloves – Not exactly the mitten type? Check out our sleek and attractive shearling driving gloves, made from soft, supple sheepskin that will keep your hands nice and warm, whether you’re driving to or from work or enjoying a night out on the town. The natural wool on the inside of our handcrafted driving gloves is soft, dense and luxuriously warm, and the stylish suede outer naturally helps ward off even the coldest winter chill.

Shearling and Alpaca Headwear – They say you lose a significant amount of body heat through your head, right? Next time you step outside this winter, be prepared with one of our beautiful and warm alpaca or sheepskin hats. With a wide range of styles to choose from, including our sheepskin aviator hat, shearling diplomat hat, sheepskin earband and ladies alpaca hat, you don’t have to sacrifice style just to stay cozy and warm. Consider pairing your alpaca hat with a gorgeous matching alpaca scarf and pair of mittens for a fashionable and comfortable winter look.

Sheepskin Coat or Jacket – No matter what you have on your feet, hands and head, you’ll never be as warm as when you slip on a genuine sheepskin coat handcrafted to fit your individual measurements. Our shearling jackets are custom-made from genuine sheepskin and feature warm, silky wool on the inside and durable, attractive suede on the outside, for an all-over stylish look. Being a natural material, when it is processed correctly, sheepskin will naturally wick away moisture from the body, keeping you extremely warm in the winter and cool in the summer, too!