Care and Cleaning of Sheepskin

How to Care for Your Sheepskin Garments

All of our shearling garments at The Sheepherder are hand-made with authentic sheepskin hides, which means they will last for a long time, but taking proper care of the sheepskin is an essential component of the material’s durability and appearance. This means that certain commercial products should be used to protect the suede or leather from water spotting and soiling, while others can be used to safely remove spots without damaging the supple material. The two most important things to remember when caring for sheepskin garments are to avoid setting by cleaning the stain or spot as soon as it occurs, and to use the following preventative care techniques to protect your shearling from stains that may be tough to remove without having it professionally cleaned. Sheepskin is a naturally durable product, and our high-quality shearling garments are made to last. With the following care and cleaning methods, you can make sure yours does!

Protecting Sheepskin from Light Spots and Stains

Because most sheepskin slippers, jackets and other shearling garments are made to be worn outside, we recommend two products that can be used to protect and care for your sheepskin outerwear. First, the outer shearling hide – which is called suede or “Brisa” leather – should be sprayed with a non-silicone rain and stain guard made especially for leather or suede. This product will shield the sheepskin hide against water spotting and will also help the garment resist soiling. Second, a suede conditioner or cleaner can be used to remove spotting in most cases, although when shearling products become significantly soiled, it is often best to bring them to a professional dry cleaner that specializes in leather or furs. The inner wool of any sheepskin garment can be touched up with a combination of water and Woolite, although it’s important to remember that you should never soak through to the suede when cleaning shearling. When it’s nearly dry, brush the wool to fluff it up.

Cleaning Tough Stains on Shearling Garments

For tougher stains on your shearling garment, such as liquid or grease spots, you can try applying a layer of cornstarch directly to the stain and allowing it to sit for one or two days, or longer. Once the liquid or stain has been absorbed, vacuum up the cornstarch with a handheld vacuum or with a brush attachment on a regular vacuum cleaner. If you ever wear your sheepskin coat or slippers outside and they become significantly wet from rain or snow, be sure to dry the garment slowly without using direct heat. Once the product is completely dry, you can remove water spots with a suede sponge or brush, which you can find at your local leather store. When using a suede brush or sponge, always brush in the reverse of the nap, to avoid damaging the material, and never use a regular sponge or rag to clean your sheepskin jacket, as this can cause tearing or spots.