Boost Your Winter-Weather Look

Boost Your Winter-Weather Look With These Five Sheepskin Accessories

Some people would argue that it’s easier to be fashionable in warmer weather, when the temperature doesn’t dictate as much what you can get away with wearing, but who’s to say that your winter wardrobe can’t be just as stylish as your spring, summer or fall attire, if not more so? The fall and winter seasons are all about layering looks and creating unique and stylish outfits with warm, chic outerwear and sophisticated accessories. This winter, you can upgrade your cold-weather look and enliven your stalwart pieces, while staying super warm and cozy, with these genuine sheepskin accessories that are both comfortable and on-trend.

Unisex Shearling Aviator Hat – There’s nothing warmer than a genuine sheepskin hat, and our classic shearling bomber hat for men and women is no exception. The handmade shearling aviator hat comes in a variety of colors to match your own personal style, and the Velcro detail on the shearling strap gives you the option of folding the ear flaps up or down, for extra protection against the elements.

Sheepskin Mittens for Men and Women – Mittens aren’t just for kids these days. A pair of genuine sheepskin mittens will keep your hands nice and toasty, even in the coldest weather, thanks to your own body heat warming up the sheepskin inner and the outer suede blocking those bone-chilling winds. Our custom shearling mittens for women and men feature attractive wool-out seams and a D-ring detail so you can clip them to your outerwear.

Ladies Sheepskin Earband – If you’re not one to don a hat even in the coldest weather, try our authentic shearling earband on for size. The custom sheepskin earband features a soft elastic back for a snug and comfortable fit, and can fit right in your pocket when you’re not wearing it. Our ladies earband is handmade using genuine sheepskin, and boasts a warm and attractive natural hide with cozy wool-out edges.

Shearling Diplomat Hat for Men – Drawing inspiration from the most frigid Russian winters, our men’s sheepskin diplomat hat is a classic look for any gentleman’s cold-weather wardrobe. The custom shearling hat for men features a thick, genuine sheepskin brim for added warmth and style, as well as a natural hide that beats pretty much any other wintertime material in terms of luxury and durability.

Sheepskin Driving Gloves – Nothing says like warmth and style like a pair of well-fitting driving gloves, and these sheepskin beauties are the perfect accessory for any winter-weather outfit. Our authentic sheepskin gloves feature a natural hide outer and soft wool inner that will protect your hands from the coldest weather this winter can throw at you!