Best of 2013

Another year has gone by, and, yet again, sheepskin slippers and jackets rang in as some of our best-selling products for 2013. From Christmas to birthdays, baby showers and anniversaries, we worked hard year-round to keep up with your orders for our custom-made sheepskin garments. Now that 2014 is in full swing, what better way to celebrate the end of a great year than to look back on some of our most popular products from 2013? For those fashion-savvy and budget-conscious shoppers interested in staying up on the latest trends in shearling, the following is a list of The Sheepherder’s top five best-selling sheepskin products for 2013.

5. Sheepskin mittens – This winter brought record-breaking chills and significant amounts of snow to much of the United States, and our customers responded by purchasing a pair (or two) of cozy sheepskin mittens. Hand-crafted using high-quality hides, our shearling mittens feature soft, warm wool on the inside and durable suede on the outside to protect your hands from the cold winter weather. We also have sheepskin mittens for children and babies, so you can keep everyone’s hands nice and warm this winter.

4. Shearling coats for men – If you thought sheepskin was just for women, think again. Ringing in at our fourth best-selling product, men’s sheepskin jackets remained a popular purchase in 2013, and we have a feeling we know why. Our sheepskin coats are custom-made to order for a perfect fit and, unlike synthetic garments, they are made from the skins of domestic sheep raised in the Rocky Mountain states. It doesn’t get much manlier than that, does it?

3. Kids’ sheepskin slippers – You didn’t forget about the kids, did you? There’s nothing cuter than a child snuggled up in sheepskin, and our handcrafted kids’ shearling slippers are the perfect addition to any kid’s outfit, especially in winter. Our children’s sheepskin slippers make a great gift for a birthday, baby shower or Christmas, and with a price tag of just $24, the stylish and affordable footwear came in at number three on our best-selling list.

2. Shearling hats – It makes perfect sense to pair your shearling mittens with a cozy sheepskin hat, right? Well, that’s what many of our customers were probably thinking when they helped make our custom shearling hats the second-best-selling item for 2013. Our shop has stylish and affordable sheepskin headwear items for the whole family, including sheepskin aviator hats, earbands and more, in colors ranging from traditional sahara or ranch to adorable pink or grey.

1. Sheepskin slippers for men and women – Nothing keeps your feet warmer and more comfortable than a pair of genuine sheepskin slippers, and our customers apparently agreed, because shearling slippers were our number one best-selling product for 2013. With a number of durable footwear options for both men and women, including authentic Minnetonka moccasins (hardsole or softsole) and shearling mule slippers for women, our sheepskin slippers are likely to remain a popular purchase in 2014 as well!