Best Custom Made Kids Vests for Summer

Sheepskin may seem like a material best fit for winter wear, but genuine sheepskin actually features hollow fibers that naturally wick away moisture from the body, keeping you just as cool in the summer as it does warm in the winter. That’s why we only use authentic sheepskin and other natural materials, like cowhide, when creating our handcrafted jackets and vests for adults and children alike. Two of our top sheepskin products for the little ones in your life are our kids’ Lakota cowboy vest and children’s Buckaroo sheepskin vest – both great options for wear throughout the warm summer months.

Children’s Buckaroo Shearling Vest

Our Buckaroo sheepskin vest for children is basically a miniature version of our men’s Mountaineer shearling vest, and is the perfect choice for any little girl or boy who wants to be just like Dad. The kids’ sheepskin vest features attractive wool-out seams in the front and back, as well as mini accent pockets and an antler button that give the cozy vest a truly Western feel. All of our sheepskin garments for children are custom-made to order and are available in a variety of colors, so you can order a kids’ shearling vest handcrafted just for your little one.

Lakota Cowhide Vest for Children

If your child prefers cowhide over sheepskin, take a look at our kids’ Lakota vest – made from soft, luxurious cowhide suede and guaranteed to make any kid feel like a cowboy, or cowgirl. This adorable vest features contrast patch pockets in the front and understated tassels on the shoulders that give the garment an authentic look that any real cowboy would be jealous of. Our kids’ cowboy vest is available in a variety of colors, including beige, buckskin, pink and brown, making it a perfect summertime garment for any child – girl or boy.

Order Your Own Kids’ Sheepskin Vest Today

It may be easy for some to dismiss sheepskin for a child’s garment in favor of a synthetic material that seems more kid-friendly and long-lasting. However, the genuine sheepskin and cowhide used in our handmade vests and jackets are naturally durable materials that, with proper handling and care, will last longer than most other materials. Also, like any vest, our Lakota cowhide vest and Buckaroo sheepskin vest look great even when they are on the large side, so consider ordering your children’s vest a size up and make it last even longer!