According to Vogue, Sheepskin Boots are Back in Style This Year!

Ugg-style sheepskin boots have always had their detractors (though we can’t imagine why, considering how warm and comfortable they are), and the footwear hit its style peak close to a decade ago. But, like many things do, sheepskin boots are coming back in style this year, according to Vogue magazine, and we thought you’d like to be the first to know! The magazine published an article recently predicting the return of the cozy sheepskin boot to the high-fashion fold, thanks to a new generation of style-savvy stars who crave the warmth and comfort that can only be found in a genuine shearling boot.

Believe it or not, the pinnacle of the sheepskin boot was way back in 2004, when Sienna Miller rocked hers with a bare, natural face and sun-kissed hair – bohemian style – and now the footwear is shoe-in for a big fashion return in 2015. Preferred by fashion designers and celebrities like Kate Moss and Sarah Jessica Parker, as well as moms, teens and everyone in between, the sheepskin boot is a simple yet stylish addition to any outfit – dressy or casual. Basically, anything you might normally wear with an ankle boot, try pairing with an authentic shearling boot instead.

“I wear my [sheepskin boots] with hand painted Aries jeans, a Moschino tote, Palace Skateboards hoodie and Meadham Kirchoff star hair clips,” says designer Ashley Williams. “It was my first outfit of 2015 – [they] are the marmite of the foot wear world, they’re so comfortable. I love them.” It’s hard not to love them though, they are so darn cute and incredibly warm. “Of course there is the comfort factor too,” says Vogue editor Nura Khan. “They are just so cozy. Carrie Bradshaw [of Sex & the City] wore them the best with painted boyfriend jeans and a sheepskin jacket – think throwback, grungy San Francisco style.”

There you have it folks, the sheepskin boot is poised for a huge comeback this year, and those of you whose boots went the way of the parachute pants can score your own pair right now on our website. Plus, as a bonus, Vogue has offered five fashion rules on how to wear sheepskin boots in style this summer:

  1. Wear them without makeup
  2. Ditch the pajama pants and tracksuit bottoms for boyfriend jeans or stylish leggings
  3. Be unique and clever with your style – think fishnets or a miniskirt
  4. Consider pairing them with a vintage dress and a chunky knit
  5. Go for a transitional look by donning a long white tunic or tux shirt, bare legs and a short black sheepskin boot

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